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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 12, 2014    

Popcorn was rated number 1 within the entertainment criteria in the application stores for both the IOS and android phones. This application enables moviegoers to check for either upcoming movies or the ones that are currently available onscreen. Users are also able to check the seats availability. Cinemas listed here are placed in an orderly fashion; branches for Shaw, Golden Village and Cathay. 

Additionally, purchasing tickets via this Popcorn app is also possible. This application was invented by a Singapore company called PocketDeals.


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Watching a movie has never been so easy!

Popcorn is a free mobile app available on both Android and iPhone and it allows users to check movie showtimes and seat availability at the tip of their fingers. I use it religiously as it is extremely convenient and saved my life on numerous occasions! JC life is extremely hectic and who has the time to travel all the way down to the cinema just to discover that there are no more seats left right?

However, while the app mentioned that one of its function is to allow users to book and reserve tickets, this function is pretty faulty. In fact, I have never successfully booked movie tickets online before. Another limitation is that Popcorn only allows users to view show times 2 days in advance. These limitations probably explain why Popcorn only received a 2 out of 5 star rating on the App store.

Despite so, the app is free and would definitely make your life more convenient!

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Helpful and user-friendly app

Wow, this app sure comes in handy for last minute, impromptu decisions to watch any kinds of movies.

This app can be said to be my lifesaver when I was in JC. With the hectic schedule of a student taking her A levels, catching a movie during any free time was one of the best ways to de-stress. That being said, the free times to de-stress were usually impromptu cancelled lessons after school which gave us the rare opportunity to skip out gaily and have some fun.

Who knows what I would have done without this app. I couldn't have immediately rushed down to the nearest outlet with my friend to catch the latest showing movies on time. Who knows, I might have gone down only to be disappointed with the show time we'd missed.

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My favourite movie app!

Popcorn is my favourite movie app!!! I'm using an iPhone so as for now, I've not faced any bugs or crashes. It is simply amazing because you get the movie timings for a variety of theatres - Cathay, GV and Shaw. You also get the synopsis for each movie plus their ratings.

For me, the only flaw that Popcorn has is that it only shows the timings for that particular day, the next day and the day after that. If I want to see the timings 4 days in advance, it won't allow me to.

Apart from that, I think Popcorn is the best local movie app and I'm never going to stop using it.

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I've been using popcorn on my Andriod phone for a while now and all I have to say about it is plain: Unsatisfactory.

I'm not saying that it is really that bad, there are indeed good points about the app too! However, usage where I felt my user experience has been compromised negatively. The main problem would be the 'Movies' button, when I tried using it everytime, I'll have the app crashing on me. Hence, being unable to see what movies are currently on air and what movies are coming up, resorting to me downloading another app 'InCinemas' simply just to fulfill this function. This is not only troublesome, but also inefficient. Moreover, the app hangs frequently and refuses to load at times when I want to book my tickets on it. Hence, I feel that these series of problems are extremely unhelpful especially for frequent movie goers like me.

The good points are of course is organisation. The respective cinemas, branches, various movies and their respective timings are organised neatly and makes it easy for user reference. Moreover, ratings are also offered, informing you about how other people who've watched the movie felt as well.

Could be a decent app if the bugs are fixed.

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