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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 02, 2014    

Marina Coastal Expressway is also known as MCE. It is the 10th expressway in Singapore. The construction of it began in 2008. It was officially completed in 2013. The MCE has a length of 5km/3.107 Miles with a total of 5 lanes. This expressway connects the Kallang-Paya Lebar, Ayer Rajah and East Coast Parkways Expressways together. It also shortens the distance from the east to the west and vice versa.


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I miss ECP

This certain section of the ECP or East Coast Parkway has been under construction works for as long as I can remember. Road widening, new exits, modifying the route, et cetera. And then suddenly they decide to cut the ECP by 3km and give a new route which is longer and more bending than the original ECP.

The very first time that I travelled on this was on bus 30 so as I saw it, MCE was quite difficult to navigate, although it is wider and faster paced than ECP. It was a nice scenery to behold, and it was quite cool to be so close to the sea.

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Just another underground tunnel

I went on a jaunt on my friend's car on sometime during the first few days where the MCE started its operations. I had went with high hopes that maybe a tunnel that is under the sea would come with some spectacular driving experience.

Instead, what I witnessed was extremely disappointing. Firstly, the signs were confusing. The road was 3/4 lanes wide (bigger than your average road) but the thing is the signs pointing out the various exits as well as those on the roads were extremely confusing. You are at loss constantly on how a lane works, if it really is just a 'straight only' lane or somehow just in front its just going to suddenly morph into a turn left only lane. Moreover, it is confusing as to which lane you should keep to exit other than the extreme left lane. The 2nd and 3rd lane could be straight or left or suddenly just left only or straight only.

Moreover, the feeling is just the same. We did not even hear the roaring of the sea on the roofs, let alone see some sights of being under the sea (I know I should not be treating the tunnel as a tourist destination but still the bold headlines about the fact made me develop some expectations).

One good thing about the entire experience though, was when we were driving through. Thankfully, the journey was smooth and we did not land into a traffic jam.

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Featured in a Joke

I think this was the Expressway that made me laugh so hard.

There was an article featuring this express way when it first opened. Apparently, someone took the express way in a cab during new year's eve. In his attempt to try and get to the countdown party, he ended up having to pay a hefty cab fee of about $100 when he reached his destination. He then condemned the use of the MCE and chipped in to the discussion that was heading towards the negative side.

However, other than that I think I have not been on the MCE yet. Or rather since I don't really know the way roads go, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't recognise it if I were to be on it.

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Under The Sea

First impressions of the MCE by my Dad was horrible. He complained that it was confusing, and the street signs were utterly unhelpful. He ended up being stuck in that dreadful jam. However, my family travelled to Kembangan via the MCE again for reunion dinner, and things are looking up. I love the cool idea that a portion of MCE is built under the sea. It's like we're travelling underwater!

However, compared to the old route, MCE takes much longer. The tunnels are longer, which makes for more travelling time taken. I found the tunnel a bit too dark, could have done with stronger lighting! The width of the MCE also impressed me, I think it's a 5-lane wide tunnel which makes it easy for plenty of cars to pass through.

MCE may seem useless, but it is yet another wise move by the government. The freed land will probably be used by the government to sell or build more infrastructure which will rake in plenty more billions in the process. Many more billions as compared to the few billions the MCE cost. Smart, smart.

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