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Dengue fever outbreaks

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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on January 04, 2014    

It is extremely common nowadays to see ads on TV, posters on HDB notice boards and even speakers trying to promote the fight against dengue. In 2013, a significant increase in outbreaks of dengue fever cases was reported, exceeding the epidemic threshold of 237. Dengue fever is passed on to humans through the Aedes mosquito, easily identifiable through the white spots on its legs. 


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Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

It is never fun to be sick. But I think it is even worse to be down with Dengue fever.

I'm lucky that I have never been a victim of the vicious Dengue mosquitos, and I hope it stays this way for as long as possible. Being located so close to the equator with such humidity and tropical climate, it is not surprising that we have mosquitos around.

But having such deadly species around definitely means we need to take all the precautions that we possible can. I believe it's only fair that every citizen plays their own part in preventing the breeding of Dengue mosquitos. Just imagine - how unfair would it be to be bitten by a Dengue mosquito your "considerate" neighbour has bred?

Well, for irresponsible citizens who refuses to keep their pots of plants water-free, or to take necessary action in their own households, I think the phrase "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" would aptly apply in this instance.

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Scumbug mosquitoes

In the course of being a temporary resident in the jungle during outfields, I've been the proud receipient of numerous bug bites, especially by aedes mosquitoes. This has proved certain misconceptions to me, that aedes mosquitoes are only carriers of the disease, they don't cause it. However, it is pretty irritating to watch the mosquito get bloated up as it slurps your blood, not to mention the itches that follow.

I feel that the recent increases in dengue fever cases are due to irresponsibility of people. Although there were plenty of educational efforts to bring to light the need to stop mosquitoes from breeding, many people neglect to step up to do the necessary things, such as clearing stagnant water from their flowerpots. Moreover, with the rainy season of late and the lull periods at the end of the year, the frequency of mosquito fogging at housing estates has in fact, decreased, allowing water to collect in drains and create a heaven for mosquito breeding.

The key to creating a safer environment would be to take up personal responsibility and avoid complacency. Just look around you, you won't want your loved ones getting dengue fever, wouldn't you?

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Graphic images

One of the advertisements that really kept me alert was as the most recent one where the dengue mosquito took the role of a speaking persona. Childhood memories of playing a play station game 'Mr. Mosquito' had brought me back into the role of a mosquito trying to dodge human attacks and swats while trying to accomplish the target score and fulfill a certain amount of required blood to suck from these pesky humans.

It made me wonder if mosquitoes thought like that - the thought scared me. The graphic images of the young oft he mosquito in its larvae stages also frightened me a little: I didn't want such things breeding in my house. Though small, the dengue mosquito is venomous. I wouldn't want any one of my family members going through the pain and agony of dengue fever.

I guess dengue Mosquitos won't be breeding in my house anytime soon. I hope. If we all work together, that wouldn't be a goal so hard to achieve.

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Stay Alert

Dengue Fever was one of the few diseases that Singapore scrambled to keep up with as the cases of dengue skyrocketed during a period of time. Everyone was afraid of contracting it because of the relative mysteriousness and danger of this disease.

But thankfully, the government has stepped up measures and initiatives to control the spread of dengue. They have launched educational campaigns and imposed fines on inconsiderate people who have dengue breeding spots in their homes. Now, I think the spread has dropped by a fair bit which allays some of my worries.

Nonetheless, we should never be too complacent about these things. I think it's a good and easy practice to make sure that there are no dengue breeding spots in your homes. A simple action in return for a safe community and good health.

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