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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on January 02, 2014    

Comprised of cemeteries of the different faiths, the Lim Chu Kang Cemetery area encompasses a large swath of outermost Southwestern Singapore. It is located in close proximity to many army camps, including Lim Chu Kang Camp 2, Tengah Air Base and Sungei Gedong Camp.


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I had a shock when over my morning cup of milo this morning, the news reported that a corpse have been discovered in the vicinity of the Lim Chu Kang Cemetery Area. Apparently, it was there for a while, the man having being murdered and dumped there at least a month ago. The news chilled me to the core, as i recently had an outfield in the vicinity, as if the cemeteries itself weren't spooky enough, especially at night.

During the day, the cemeteries around look pleasant enough. With row after row of neat tombstones (especially the Christian cemetery), well maintained pastures and the occasional visitor on a sunny day, the area appears literally harmless. However, at night, the area is spooky and scary, a hot area for ghost sightings and contributing to mainstream ghost stories in Singapore. I was really thankful that for all my outfield experiences, I never had to encounter an actual ghost.

From the macro perspective, the area does actually contain bones of our forefathers and hence is embossed with memories of the past and a rich heritage. Moreover, the peacefulness and tranquilness of the place is famed in Singapore, having been illustrated in the local film 'Old Cow Eats Tender Grass'.

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