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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on December 31, 2013    

As an initiative of Mindef in collaboration with HDB and the various town councils, a nationwide launch of IPPT cfitness corners was initiated. The aim is to provide amenities for active servicemen and reservist personnel to train in convenience as such corners dot the neighbourhoods in preparation for their yearly IPPTs.


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Sad that no one is utilising it.

I always see these around the vicinity of the HDBs in Singapore. While the place is usually empty, on rare occasions, I actually do see skinny men in singlets training training on the pull up bars alone. The passers by that walk past the area would then stare weirdly at the solitary figure in the are working out.

While it might have been made for good intentions, I find that the fitness corner near my house is hardly used. Perhaps it might be the weird stares of the people that actually discourages the use of the area. Although it is furnished with all the facilities to train for the most basic exercises such as sit ups and pull ups, the location of the fitness corner is situation in the heart of all the HDB blocks. This means that anyone utilising the place is bound to meet many aunties who stroll along and give them weird looks.

Maybe exercising in public isn't so common anymore. Or people have just gotten used to the idea of private gyms.

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A nation obsessed

It is only in Singapore that you see pull up bars in literally every neighbourhood, every corner. IPPT or Individual Physical Proficiency Test that every able Singaporean male has to go through during his lifetime, seems to have become a national obsession.

With mandatory conscription in Singapore, much focus has been put into passing the dreaded IPPT, or face the consequences of a forced regime of exercise upon you till middle age. However, with a citizenry trying to cope with multiple commitments during his adult life, it is not easy to make time to exercise, let alone get into shape to take the test.

Hence, there was an initiative by Mindef and the town councils to bring IPPT to the doorstep, with the construction of IPPT fitness corners in the various neighbourhoods. Personally, I found the initiative really useful, as I no longer need to venture far to find a pull up bar. Moreover, the amenities allowed me to carry out a realistic workout and measure accurately where i stand (this is the disappointing part).

However, minor annoyances have resulted with the propagation of fitness corners as people used it for the wrong reasons. For example, I was involved in a misunderstanding in Hougang's fitness corner when maids used the pull up bars as poles to hang their laundry. While hilarious, these scenarios reflect that inadequate dissemination of information on the facilities were effected, which can lead to frustrations for users!

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