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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on August 11, 2013    

Another outbreak of customers at McDonald's, this time for Despicable Me's Minion toys. 


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Boundaries need to be respected

Perhaps the Minion craze reminds us of something... the Hello Kitty craze? I guess some things never change. (like Singaporeans' fetish for popular toys)

But that said, who can blame us for being so obsessed with the incredibly adorable yellow things that have triggered a global minion craze with their incoherent gibberish way of speaking and infectious laughter? It doesn't come as much of a surprise to me that MacDonalds would be selling minion toys.

Well, even with the minions' irresistible charms, I believe that amidst our craze, there are still lines we should not cross and we must still all practice self-control and restrain, as civilized citizens. To be getting physical as mature adults over miniatures and cotton-stuffed objects would be out of character and childish.

Of course, I understand quite a few buyers are loading up in stocks of the little minions for huge economic rewards (like the Hello Kitty saga) but with that, I feel we should all re-evaluate our consumption decisions. To spend thousands of dollars on a minion soft toy comes across to me as grossly extravagant.

Well, I pity those who are simply queuing for the sake of filling up their stomachs instead of their wallets. I suggest they steer clear of these outlets during craze seasons to prevent being embroiled into nasty brawls.

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As with anything that comes packaged as 'limited edition', the Minion's craze is definitely going to bring the kiasu side of Singaporeans to light. Hence, it was with a heavy heart when I saw long quenes at the local McDonalds outlet when I dropped in for a 'fast' lunch of fast food.

Minions, in my opinion, are simply weird bananas with faces which can walk, talk and sing. I personally find them adorable though, as their cuteness simply manifest with the movies about them. 'Bee doh bee doh' was often used when we wanted to irritate a friend when he/she was posing a question.

However, that does not warrant special status even if you managed to lay your hands on the entire collection of minion toys available at Macs, or at any other shopping outlets. In fact, this mad rush simply brings out the ugly side of many Singaporeans, who jostle, cut quene and hog the lane ordering more meals than they could eat simply just to lay their hands on the toys.

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(Updated: February 19, 2014)


Back when the first minion movie came out, which was probably in 2010, I was super excited and I was attracted to the cute little banana-looking minions. Their adorable garbled language was an instant hit with everybody and I, myself couldn't help but fall for them.

Unfortunately, the Minion craze got worse when the second movie came out. Queues started to form when McDonald's decided to have Minion toys as their happy meal toy and to be honest, I was quite disappointed when I couldn't lay my hands on them.

My friend managed to get me a Minion stuff toy from Taiwan and I was so elated, but soon I realised that this Minion craze is just a phase. It's super overrated and just like the Hello Kitty craze, we're wasting precious money on a transient craze. I'm sure I'll watch the next minion movie, if it comes out but I'm not going to queue up or spend more money on minion toys. It's too overrated.

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The Minions craze was definitely better than the Hello Kitty’s craze. That I can’t comprehend. Despicable Me 2 movie was just like what the director said it would be; a movie that is more centralized on the minions. I was like a tourist in the cinema whenever the minions plopped onscreen. I squealed. I shrieked. I even participated in the audience’s symphonic “Awww” chorus. It was surrealistic.

I stumbled out of the cinema vividly fluent in the minion’s garble language and craving for bananas. It was so hypnotizing I even recalled dashing to the McDonalds the moment the movie ended. We zoomed towards the counter and immediately ordered a Happy Meal. The Minion toy was nestled between my burger and fries.

I downloaded the movie and it was on mad replay. I strolled at the mall the following day and realized that Singapore has transformed into a Minion nation. I looked to the left. Minion. I glanced to my right. Another store with minions. Minions were everywhere. There were even people strolling in the vicinity, idly shopping with not a boyfriend or girlfriend in hand, but a minion instead. It was intriguing albeit slightly freaky. It’s like a Zombie takeover except with a slight twist.

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Ridiculous craze

There was a mad rush from the teenagers of Singapore for the banana yellow minions. Be it the miniature toys or the minions that were printed on apparels, they sold like hotcakes. People who were economically street smart decided to make some cash during this period and fuelled the trend by selling all kinds of apparels related to the minion craze.

Personally, although I found the little minions adorable in the movie, I found the craze ridiculous. I wasn't prepared to look like an idiot carrying around and out a minion keychain on my bag. Neither was I prepared to have a minion toy lying on my bed staring at me with its goofy face. Neither was I prepared to wear anything that cartoonish and childish because of the craze.

True enough, after a period of time, the craze died down. Thank god the craze hasn't lasted till today.

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It's Personal

Honestly, I think this minion craze went a bit overboard. No doubt, the minions are really cute and adorable and their presence in the Despicable Me movies are what made the movies so entertaining and fun to watch. However, things got out of hand and the craze to rush for anything minion went viral. Shops started stocking hordes of minion plush toys and all sorts of minion memorabilia and people just started buying them.

I think it's okay to like the minions and to fangirl over them because they really are cute. But I think the bad part comes about when you obsess because I have seen people pay ridiculous money for minion goods. I love the minions myself and I have a minion sticker on my water bottle but never in my life would I ever obsess crazily over them.

I think we need to be more rational and stop running after every single hyped up character. First the Hello Kitty fiasco, then this minion craze. I really wonder what's next, Wonder Woman?

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It's not about the Minions per se

I really do find the Minions to be cute and entertaining. Despicable Me would only be half as good without them.

The problem here are a certain segment of Singaporeans, the ones who turn queuing up into an endurance sport. Let me put you into perspective. Say one day someone decides to come up with LKY and the whole PAP ministers plush toys. I can guarantee that these suckers would queue for them.

So, does it mean that LKY and PAP ministers are that popular? I doubt so. It's just a sport.

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I cannot, for the life of me, understand why Singaporeans are so crazy about minions from Despicable Me. I, personally, do not find them even remotely cute, and I think it's appalling that people actually went all out to get their hands on these toys. On shopping app Carousell, I even saw sellers opening preorders for minions' figurines from McDonald's in Australia. Yes, Australia. And they were being sold for up to $25 apiece.

I applaud the marketing success of the minions, but isn't this a bit too much? We've even barely recovered from the Hello Kitty craze earlier this year.

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(Updated: August 15, 2013)

Annoyance at its best

Never thought there'd actually be something like this in this website. Might as well use it to tell you people what it's like.

Here in Malaysia, Despicable Me 2 was released on cinema not so long ago. The people here have been big fanatics of the minions since the original movie was released. To capitalize on that, Mcdonald's released Despicable Me 2's minion toys. I honestly thought to myself that it could not be a bad thing. Boy was I wrong.

All over Malaysia, people were crowding every Mcdonald's outlets even before the restaurant was open. Heck, some of them aren't even willing to wait for the restaurant to officially open. News spread that people have forced themselves by destroying the metal shutters to enter the outlet. For what? Just a bunch of measly toys.

They'd buy a bunch of happy meals just to get their hands on the toys. Most of them don't even want the food. Some gave the food away which is a good thing but others just throw it away and I'm not even joking. There are even some customers that whine and complain to the staff when they said that a certain model of the toy is out of stock. Eh hello?! You think the toy can suddenly become available just by screaming? You think the world works by feeding your ego? There's a long queue in the restaurant, you think there's enough for everyone?

Faith in humanity, lost.

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People are crazy

Personally, I really couldn't understand why people would go crazy over these toys because I really think that characters such as Minions and Smurfs are ugly. I'm more into Asian type of cuteness such as Hello Kitty and Doraemon but I wouldn't spend hours queuing up for any of them.

Some people try to sell these toys for a few hundred RM in Malaysia, and I don't know if there are any idiots who actually bought them. I saw someone attempting to sell the toys at Lowyat forum and got ridiculed. Serve her right, seriously.

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