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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on August 09, 2013    

McDonald's have released a set limited edition Hello Kitty collectibles that have sent endless queues outside every possible outlet in Singapore. 

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Black Markets

I chanced upon this and it reminded me of the Hello Kitty craze that made so many Singaporeans queued up for it. To be frank, I do not fancy soft toys and I had no idea why so many people, including the old, were willing to wake up early to queue at MacDonald's just to get hold of at least 1 Hello Kitty (HK) soft toy.

It was not a very pleasant experience when I witnessed those successful buyers selling their HK soft toys online at exorbitant prices. Although what these black marketers receive was not any large sum of profit, I personally feel that it was still an unethical act.

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(Updated: January 05, 2015)

Let us not be so menacing

Just to brag a little (a little too late now), I too have a set of Hello Kitty collectibles. And I don't think too much of it really, just viewed it as a nice decorum in my room.

But this Hello Kitty craze surely did prove me wrong. I think it's ironic that the craze sources from the adults more than the children, and let's be real - it's after all about the economic value and benefits to be gained from these soft plushes. (Later we shall witness the Minions craze)

For one, I wouldn't spend HOURS to queue up at MacDonalds to collect dozens of the collectibles (and risk getting into a nasty brawl) and then after that jerk up the prices of these collectibles on Carousell or Gumtree. It's really unbelievable how the whole release of the Hello Kitty collectibles could so swiftly turn into a legalized black market.

Secondly, I think we should all take a moment to truly understand and appreciate the intentions of these collectibles. I believe, other than helping MacDonalds boost sales, it is also to brighten up the days of little ones or Hello Kitty collectors when they obtain these toys at normal sale prices.

Let us not be as menacing as to deny them of such little happiness they can find by creating and then espousing the black market.

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Kittying me.

You must be kittying (kidding) me.

When I read the newspaper articles and online blogs that were ranting about the insane queue for the Hello Kitty plush collectables, it brought back old memories when I was a young child and my dad, too, queued overnight just to help me collect the latest Hello Kitty toy to add to my collection - and yes, I finished the entire set with both Hello Kitty and Daniel for that.

I didn't remember paying any money for those Hello Kitties, but I do remember queuing in the hot sun as I looked on ahead with the long snaking queue that had stretched across the open concourse area outside Toa Payoh Library. It's been so long since then - however, I hardly doubt that the craze is much less crazy than it was before. In fact, I even heard rumours that there was violence involved and vulgarities that were hurled when the customers, who had queued overnight, were told that they were not able to get the promised 4 Hello Kitties that they were told they could get.

In the end, the craze slowly died off, although I remember that many people were selling the Hello kitties at exorbitant prices which probably benefitted those who managed to sell them in the heat of the craze.

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(Updated: September 15, 2013)

The kitties can't smile

Or they would be laughing at all of us now.

I remember the humble beginning when me and my girlfriends were at King Albert Park's McDonald's just touching the kitty on display and wondering if we should get it and insisting that we are too manly to get it but we got it anyway. There were too much stock to go around then.

Fast forward 3 weeks and we have grown men arguing with poor frontline managers and evoking crowds to rebel and laughingly asking our dear Singapore Police Force to queue for the Hello Kitties for them.

And for not the first time in my life, I wondered aloud why I was a Singaporean. There are people in America queuing to give blood and there Singaporeans are, queuing to have a share of the great Hello Kitty.

Just imagine; somewhere, the person who was commissioned a cat - who simply couldn't be arsed to finish sewing the mouth of the cat because she had a last minute date and she was pushing 30 after all - is looking at us now and laughing while sleeping in all the sewing thread she saved from doing away with the kitty's mouth.

I quote the great Thor of the even greater Avengers,

"You people are so puny. And petty. Ho ho ho ho (sweeps L'oreal-commercial worthy golden locks away from his stunning face)"


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You want me to queue for this?

There is only one way that I will queue up for Hello Kitty. That is when McD decides to make a commemorative edition in 1 kg solid gold. For that I will queue, maim or kill. I will defend my position. I will prevail.

Anything less, there's no point doing so. But the fact that Singaporeans are fighting to do so and some of them are men, baffles me. Perhaps they have lost track of the bigger picture. Perhaps, they have nothing better to do. Seriously, it's just not worth it. Unless of course, we are talking about 1kg worth of solid gold.

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(Updated: December 15, 2013)

Kiasu Kiasi Kiabo

Seriously?!?!?! seriously. The Hello Kitty saga is BACK. (Remember Hello Kitty & Daniel plushies in year 2000?) And might stay on for many years to come especially when the clever McD's has already released a sneak peek of next year's collectibles.

Now what we can we say, we probably can't find anyone more Kiasu than Singaporeans. Competitive, self-centred, scared to lose, no single English word can describe these traits when dissatisfied fans get the police involved or pay ten times the price just to lay their hands on a Hello Kitty. Kiabo (scared of woman or wife) because there are quite a handful of males in the queue, and the reason is pretty obvious isn't it?

Hello Kitty is no doubt kinda cute and invokes many fond memories for me as a child. But like every NORMAL human being or living thing, we GROW UP. A 19 years old girl got over it, so is it THAT hard for 40 odd years old adults to STOP acting like a child and throwing tantrums when they can't get their toys?!? Grow up.

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