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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 23, 2013    

Marine Parade is located at the east side of Central Singapore. Marine Parade's name originated from a promenade that was inches away from the seaside. Reclaimed land was poured over this promenade and part of the sea. Henceforth forming land called Marine Parade. Marine Parade is an urbanised estate and may also be known as a town.

There are a total of 58 HDB blocks made available at Marine Parade. The housing estate at Marine Parade is split into 4 differing roads. The roads there are called Marine Terrace, Marine Crescent, Marine Parade Central and Marine Drive. The private properties dominates at Marine Parade with a total of 16 private residential areas. 

The schools available at Marine Parade includes all sectors from primary to tertiary. CHIJ Primary School, Ngee Ann Primary School, CHIJ Katong Convent, Tanjung Katong Girls School, Tanjung Katong Secondary School, Victoria School, Victoria Junior College and many more.

Additionally, Marine Parade is the estate that is nearest to East Coast Park. There are several hotels and malls located there including Parkway Parade Mall. Marine Parade also boasts their own National Library that is seeded within the Marine Parade community building.


Fantastic view of my legs and the scenery as seen from the second floor of the library

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Cosy neighbourhood

Marine Parade lies on a plot of reclaimed land and the once pitless ocean now boasts a shopping mall, 58 blocks of HDB flats, a library, hospital, and at least 7 schools. This makes the area extremely convenient for residents, which explains why Marine Parade is one of the most densely populated areas in Singapore.

However, I personally do not have a strong liking for the area as it feels a tad old and outdated. For instance, Parkway Parade mall does not have a cinema and pales in comparison to the newer I12 Katong Mall. Similarly, the Marine Parade Library which opened in 2000 has furniture which is slightly old and limited study space for students, when studying is the main purpose for students visiting the library.

Even so, I’m sure residents of Marine Parade have a strong sense of belonging to the area and would love it as it is. In fact, with the new Marine Parade MRT opening, Marine Parade would become increasingly popular and bustling.

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Heartland Mall, Yet again

For me, I've always linked this place as the place that is near to the beaches in East Coast. With the location of this place, it is far from being a regular haunt that I would visit. More often than not, this place is a landmark for me - the huge, cluttered urban jungle lets me know that I'm about to reach my bus stop that will lead me to East Coast Park. How handy.

However, in those times that I actually do visit the place, I do find that there are a lot of shops to explore. It is yet another mall that is placed in the vicinity of housing estates to increase the convenience that the residents enjoy. While I used to go there when I was young to accompany my mother for her appointments (and yes I remember it only because I get Anderson's ice cream after), it doesn't strike me as a place that is interesting to the point that it is over the top. It's just another average mall that, with some exploring, will become boring just like the other heartland malls.

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(Updated: November 29, 2013)

The lingering "kampong-ness"

When I think of Marine Parade I think of two things: Parkway Parade and the Marine Parade Library. While I do not live directly in the area, I have been there many a time throughout my life, either for shopping or for my tuition so I feel that I might as well become a honorary Marine Parade inhabiter already!

Firstly, Parkway Parade is the ubiquitous conventional Singapore shopping centre, with its hyper markets, fair share of clothing stalls and a two glorious coffee outlets. However, I probably feel most at home there, due to the fact that I could probably draw you a map of the entire place with my eyes closed. It has a more homely feeling than the newer and more glamourous shopping centres such as ION orchard or Vivocity, which I really appreciate.

Marine Parade Library was my second home during my formative years. I would spend hours and more hours seated in the cozy library corner reading, or just watch the world go by through the glass panelling overlooking the street. I was always too shy to eat at the on-site cafe, which sells an array of cafe staples, such as cakes and the occasional pasta. However, it can get quite packed during the weekends, and you can forget about even finding a place to study there during the exam periods. The entire place will be just choked full with students pouring over their books, whilst seated on kiddy tables made for four year olds. While it is definitely no match for the bigger libraries such as the National Library or the Esplanade Library, it has a certain communal warmth with it, where you might even find yourself wedged between two seven year olds seated on the floor, with the three of you silently watching the scenery go past - together.

Fantastic view of my legs and the scenery as seen from the second floor of the library
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