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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 23, 2013    

Simei is the housing estate that is located directly beside Tampines. The scale in Simei pales in comparison to Tampines. Relatively small, Simei is conveniently situated across the Pan Island Expressway. Simei is actually defined as the four beauties. The four great beauties in question are Chinese in which the roads there are named after. Unfortunately, people struggled with the names pronunciation. Hence, the four roads in Simei were changed to numerical instead.

Simei does not have it's own bus interchange. However, it is still accessible via bus and MRTs. The MRT stop is called 'Simei' and it is located on the green line too. Bus stops are conveniently placed nearby housing estates and the mall there; East Point.

There are several schools available here. Changkat Primary School. Changkat Changi Secondary School, the humongous yet new ITE College East and Singapore's 4th university; SUTD. 

Additionally, EXPO is also located in Simei. The scale of EXPO is impressive. It also boasts a constant flow of varied sales within it's compound. 



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Freedom to Breathe

I rarely come to this part of Singapore.

I can be considered an alien towards Simei - I neither live there nor travel there. However, in one of my foreign forages to the land of Simei, I actually found that this place is worth exploring.

Being someone that is easily bored by the same things, sometimes I actually do take a train to stops which I've never really explored and get off. When I get off the train, I was stunned by the large land area. While there were HDB blocks in the distance, there were actually pieces of land that were undeveloped. That is the kind of sight that you rarely see in the clustered and bustling areas of town. While walking aimlessly in the place, I actually felt at ease. It was actually more therapeutic than walking through the blocks and buildings of Toa Payoh - it was almost as if I was free to breathe. I wasn't forced and suffocated like the closely built estate of Toa Payoh.

It felt good for awhile.

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