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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 27, 2013    

Located across the iconic Padang. The Old Supreme Court Building stands nearby it. Architects of the municipal government formed a duo and constructed the City Hall structure, A Gordons and F.D Meadows. Officially made into a national monument on 14 February 1992. Originally known as the Municipal Building. It was constructed from 1926-1929. It will morph into a National Art Gallery of Singapore by 2015. The address for Singapore's City Hall would be at 3 Saint Andrews Road, Singapore 178958.


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The edifice of justice in the past stands resolutely opposite City Hall MRT, resplendent in the magnificence of its colonial architecture. It represents the large strides law in Singapore has taken from the triad and secret society unruliness in the 19th century to the stable and safe Singapore in the 21st century, where one can walk safely along the streets even late at night.

What I feel most interesting about the Supreme Court building would be its history, and the variety of cases tried there. Take for example, the Gold Bar Murders, where businessman Ngoh Cheng Poh was killed for his gold bars. The case saw the hanging of 7 people. It all leaves to imagination on what could have happened then, the atmosphere and the swift debates where lawyers argued for the 2 different sides. As such, the atmosphere, even when walking directly outside could be described as being a mixture, of violence, sadness, grief, triumph and all other feelings from the past.

It is simply worth it to admire its architecture too. Started in 1937 with the laying of the foundation stone by then governor Sir Shenton Whitelegge Thomas, the supreme court lasted through the violence of World War II and the turbulent years afterwards. The smooth, faded layout coupled with the realistic sculptures of the various representations of justics are simply worth a look!

Definitely rich in history!

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Just walking distance away

This is one part of Singapore that I've frequented so many times that I know it at the back of my hand.

Slightly off from the business district of Singapore, City Hall is still bustling with activity during peak hours. I've always known this place as the intermediate place - the red and the green line requires one to change at this station. Being a frequent user of the red line and sometimes the green, this station never fails to confuse me with its three story MRT station.

Shops wise, Raffles City, that is just situated above the MRT station caters to a huge variety of tastes. From the high class coffee shop like Buffet Town to the sweer JCO donuts or Awfully Chocolate, it seems like Raffles City has a place for everyone! If one was to turn into the other exits that branch out from the MRT station, Funan the IT mall and City Link to Suntec City is just walking distance away!

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