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The air division of the Singapore Armed Forces, first established in 1968. The detailed attached are for their recruitment hotlines.


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I've always viewed Air Force as dealing specifically with the skies, but I was proved wrong, when I was posted to a Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD) unit after my BMT. After my stint as a trainee and passing out as a fully trained soldier, I had fully expected an easy life, but instead, I was put through a series of outfields, 24/7 alerts and standbys. GBAD, as a whole, is indeed crucial to the defence of Singapore's airspace.

In terms of sophistication, I feel that the Air Force certainly has enough firepower to put up a good fight should Singapore ever go to war. In tandem with MINDEF's continual efforts to upgrade defense systems with the times, it has led to the new generation Air Force, boasting of efficient, highly powerful means to destroy an enemy. Moreover, the Air Force frequently has occasion to work with the other branches of the SAF to provide all round defence to Singapore.

Should you have chance to view Jensen's photo journal on the various aircraft available in the RSAF, savour the moment. For me, I was fascinated by the versatility, simply opened many doors I thought weren't there for me!

A potent fighting force which lets people sleep sound at night

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Top Gun

The recruitment ads for RSAF are always very impressive, like a scene outta Top Gun. However, it comes with the common knowledge that this is an exclusive privilege and only the best of the best will be chosen as pilots. Most of us will be lucky even to qualify as the ground crew.

Nevertheless, the RSAF is still the pride of our defense systems. In Defending the Lion City, a book about Singapore's defense capability, I read that in peacetime, many of our aircraft are actually based around the world instead of Singapore. In the event of war, they will all fly back to defend our little island from all enemies.

Just thinking about the cinematics of such a defence makes me feel proud to be a Singaporean.

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A pillar in our defensive line-up.

The RSAF is one reason why I can sleep safely every night. This is not an exaggeration, but the plain and simple truth from a Singaporean.

I rate the RSAF the highest among our defense and deterrence arsenal. With the latest fighter jets all packed with the latest in missile technology and supported by excellent radar, I can say that Singapore is in safe hands.

I've been keeping up with their developments, and they recently even set up a new division to cater to the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) jets. these remotely-controlled drones offer us the best in aerial surveillance.

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