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By incorporating “East meets West Healing Kitchen” concept, we aim to nurture and promote the concept of “Food is a better medicine” in achieving optimum health naturally from the comfort of your homes and kitchens. ONAKA Healing Kitchen was set up with a clear objective: to educate the importance of achieving optimum health through nutrition. Working closely with doctors, nutritionists, professional chefs and cooking instructors, we organize nutrition workshops and cooking classes, provide detox programs, and nutrition therapy. At our Healing Café & Juice Bar and Retail Shop, we offer nutritious and tasty menu, stock a wide range of organic and natural products, which cater to special dietary needs: Dairy-free, Egg-free, Gluten-free, Low GI/GL, Sugar-free, Vegan, Vegetarian.

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Opening Hours:
830am - 6pm
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List of Outlets:
44 Rochester Park
Onaka @ Body With Soul
Singapore 139248

Opening Hours
Mondays to Saturdays
8.30am to 9.30pm

Tel: 6778 0246
Fax: 6778 0950


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Onaka: Tranquil Oasis

It is located almost at the end of Rochester, tucked behind a serene jungle and shielded by medicinal and therapy agencies. Stepping into the café was a bit like stepping into a secluded, tranquil area a bit away from the main road. The menu offers organic and healthy food at slightly steep prices. I ordered a spiced pear juice, and homemade carrot cake. The spiced pear juice, a mix of calamansi, pear, ginger and cinnamon certainly did what it advertised to do, which was ‘flushing my intestines’ to put it delicately. I found the drink spicy and sweet at the same time which was an interesting change of the usual fruit juice flavours on offer. The innovative mix of ingredients was also stimulating on my tastebuds.
Let me reserve the best for last, the home made carrot cake. It was literally the best I’ve ever eaten. The layer of cream cheese frosting was thick and filling and hit all the right spots, the cake itself was moist and heavy and it was basically an amazing slice of cake. Definitely one of my favourite haunts. The atmosphere is relaxing and the food almost guilt-free. After all, it’s organic.

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Carrot Cake
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