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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 12, 2012    

Essentially meaning ‘the art of teasing’ or ‘the art of tea that makes you tick’, Arteastiq offers a unique tea experience with a fascinating range of special, alcoholic, dessert and fruit tea sets and an assortment of “teasers” (savouries) and desserts (premium gelato, cakes and scones) to go along in a luxurious and relaxing setting.

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Paint Buffet

I’m not much of a painter, but decided to give a shot at painting when I came across Arteastiq. Artisteaq is a really cool place where you can eat, drink and paint at the same time. It’s really a cafe i’ve never come across before. Suited for someone who doesn’t own a single paintbrush, Arteastiq provides all the necessary instruments – the canvas, the apron, the paint and five paintbrushes of different sizes.

Sitting in front of the easel, I felt like a real painter. There were a few pictures provided for inspiration, but letting your imagination run wild as you paint is part of the whole experience. The service was excellent and the workers were very patient when explaining. I initially expected the place to have a pungent paint smell but surprisingly, it was pretty fresh and clean. I love how we were given the freedom to squeeze as much paint as we wanted and were not limited by the number of colours we could use.

The price was quite reasonable, and there are daily promotions you can check out first before going. Everyone should try it at least once and maybe you’ll find your undiscovered talent for painting.

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Great experience!

I might have been there only once but it is definitely unforgettable. I went there quite sometime ago with both my parents and my aunt. My dad knows that I have a passion for art so he brought us there for a painting session. He had bought a Groupon voucher for it hence the price was cheaper than what you would pay at the door.

We were each given a fresh canvas, unlimited supply of paint, a set of paint and there was an in-house teacher who was there to guide us when needed. My aunt decided to draw a peacock so she quickly began sketching hers but since I had not prepared an idea on what to draw I looked through the stack of pictures the art studio had prepared to decide on what to paint. After a short search, I found the one I like and began to paint.

The teacher was really nice as she would come to check on our progress every once in a while and also give pointers on how to paint it better. Each of us were entitled to a drink from their menu hence I chose a yuzu tea. The drink tasted fantastic and all four of us enjoyed ourselves. Once we were done, the paintings were dried and the staff helped place them into boxes so that we could bring them home. Being an art fan, the experience has a special place in my heart.

The concept of fusing a classy high tea cafe and an art studio is genius and I would definitely return there some time in the near future.

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Painting your own master piece
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Mandarin Gallery
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Unique concept

I like doing art. I love eating. What better way to collaborate the two at arteastiq? Once I heard about this restaurant, I knew I had to try it for myself.

This restaurant sets itself apart from the rest because it has an art jamming studio, where diners can buy a canvas and use the free unlimited supply of art materials to create their masterpiece, with the option of enjoying a freshly made tea while they work. It is truly a great idea, and one of the first in Singapore. Furthermore, I could keep my finished painting and they even put it in a nice carrying case for me to bring it home in.

The food here was nice. I came here for tea, and the assortment of mini foods were delicious, down to the last bite. I would definitely come here again!

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Charming Lightness

On the glass walls, lacquer words boasts that it spreads the art of tea-sing, a clever play on words meant to lure and delight simultaneously. It certainly does so, located at the corner of Mandarin Gallery, It gives the impression of light, and space as the floor-length clear windows offer the illusion of space. One thing that really struck me was their delicious yuzu ice cream that accompanied the dessert. I didn’t personally think the dessert was spectacular. In addition, the décor was chic, and the tea was served in delightful glass pots, however due to the slightly confined space, as it operated with an open kitchen concept it was noisier than I would have liked. Overall, it created an entirely charming experience, for a light tea.

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lychee tea!

Arteatstiq is an artistic place infusing art and tea. Art + Tea + Artistic = Arteastiq! Clever word play! This place sells tea, main courses and has an area for interested customers to do artwork. What a nice integration of all these three. I have seen people doing artwork at the art area and it looks fun! A pity I am not that interested in art if not I would have gone scribbling and painting right there.

I absolutely recommend the lychee tea. It is one of their top selling teas and I know why. It is downright fragrant!!! The taste of the tea is also pleasantly sweet and infused with lychee scent. I have never had lychee tea other than the sickeningly sweet pink bottled ones from Yeos. This is the real lychee tea that you HAVE to taste! The Yeos one is utter crap when compared to this. They also serve main courses with cute names like 'Saucy Housewife', 'Tender Mafia' and 'Drunken Pirate', just to name a few. I had Tender Mafia which is grilled steak. I found the steak dry and overcooked when I requested for medium rare. I did not enjoy the main course and promptly regretted it after my second bite. It was tough as leather. Boo! If only the main course performed well, I would have rated it so much higher. Good steak and fragrant tea, what's not to love? Of course, the tea is a must-try if you are there. Skip the main courses. You can get better courses elsewhere.

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a fresh concept of integrating food and art, and is a great experience to be created together with friends

With the integration of food and art, Arteastiq creates a fresh concept by serving a range of food and beverages at the cafe and having an art jamming lounge for people to paint. There are several art jamming session promotions that makes it more affordable for people to paint there. At each session, a canvas, unlimited amount of acrylic paint, brushes and a palette are provided.

The cheapest session would be the couple promotion that occurs every Monday. For the original price of $48 per person with a complimentary drink, the couple would be able to paint at the same price and a free beverage each. I went with my friends, another girl and two other boys, on a Monday and we managed to enjoy the promotion.

There is completely no assistance with the drawing and the painting. Starting from scratch, each of us brought our own pictures to stencil on the canvas and paint. To be able to complete the painting within three hours is a difficult feat and we were all rushing, especially at the last half hour, to complete it. Arteastiq does welcome people back to complete the painting, for those who are unable to finish it within the three hours, at a small fee though.

Painting was supposed to be a relaxing experience, but rushing it out within three hours made it a little stressful. It was fun nonetheless. I would probably not pay $48 for three hours of painting and a complimentary beverage, but going as a couple and paying $24 for the session, made it more reasonable. It was a refreshing experience, one that I will go back for more.

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