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Orchard Central #04-23 181 Orchard Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 11, 2012    

It opened its flagship store in Orchard central in June 2012, besides selling gourmet food items like breads and all day breakfasts and cold deli, they also have a gourmet food retail section and a cheese counter. 

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Great place for gossips

When i first stepped in I wasn't sure if i had entered a cafe. The entrance was a tiny supermarket selling groceries from jones and when I peered in further, I saw the cafe. There was not a single soul inside during dinner hours. My girlfriends deliberated if should dine there. As the rising trend is All Day Breakfast, we decided to give it a go.

4 of us ordered the beef burger. I order a caramel macchiato whiles my friends order their flower tea. It was pretty self service as the menus was on a chalkboard and we had to collect our drinks at their drink counter. When my meal came, I was disappointed as the burger bun was burnt! Burnt as in one side was completely black and attempted to trying it thinking it might be crispy as I actually preferred my food to be slightly charred. It was bitter! The beef burger tasted like the burgers I had at home. A thick steak, a slice of cheese, some veggies sandwiched between 2 burnt buns. The fries they gave was generous. It filled more than half the plate.

My caramel macchiato tasted like any good macchiatos but I was thankful for not following my friends choice of their flower tea which tasted unqiue in a way which resulted to unfinished cups of tea.

Overall, the food was normal but the ambiance was prefect was gossiping as the place was extremely quiet.

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I like the ambience more than the food

Dean and Deluca is tucked in the 4th floor of Orchard Central, and it is a brunch/dessert eatery that i will recommend people to go for if they are in the area, and if their alternatives like Jones the Grocer/Arteasq is too packed, because i was quite surprised that D&D was only slightly crowded on a weekend afternoon.

I do not really like crowded places because the noise will disrupt the peace that you get sipping their coffee, eating their cakes and just reading a book or chatting with girlfriends. Dean and Deluca can provide you this ambience. It is also very brightly lit and has an area for gourmet food purchase. Oh, i love their mugs they use to serve beverages, almost wanted to buy one home but it was almost $20.

I tried their carrot cake and Latte. Nothing to shout about, but it was decent. I think the ambience made up for the average food!

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Dean and Deluca has been on my "to-go" list for a long time because of their all day breakfast menu. My family and I visited Dean and Deluca at Orchard Central on a Sunday afternoon and the cafe is quite packed. We had to wait about 15 minutes before we could get a sit.

I ordered a cup of earl grey tea, tea bag style which costs about $5 and the tea tasted super bland. Not too sure why but the earl grey aroma was not there. I was quite disappointed. We also ordered a American Country Breakfast set to share. It comes with a slice of toast, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, streaky bacon, potato, tomato and pork sausage. The toast was a little too hard for my liking and the pork sausage was a little too salty. However, the mushrooms were juicy and fragrant while the scrambled eggs were just right.

We also ordered their trademark Berries and Flap Jacks which comprises of 4 layers of thick and fluffy pancakes with 4 different kinds of berries and fresh cream. It looked really really pretty and appetizing. However, when I took my first bite into it, I thought that there was nothing really special about it, other then looking pretty. I personally dislike fresh cream, so this dish didn't appeal to me much. In fact, it was a very messy affair trying to cut the 4 layers of pancakes with lots of cream on it.

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All my favorites rolled in one!

I was literally jumping for joy when I knew that they would be opening their flagship store in Singapore. Helming from New York, I've been reading and seeing great reviews about them on a few blogs. I couldn't wait to get there the minute they opened. But alas, i couldn't make it, but it seemed like i wasn't the only one who knew beforehand, there was a snaking long queue the day they opened.

So far, i've been there twice, and tried a few items off their hot menu and some of their breads. They bring in breads from various popular bakeries around Singapore, like baker and cook, maison kayser which they will indicate. Dean and deluca also makes their own breads. Their breads are hell awesome i must say. Their coffees are no short of excellent. They are considered cheap compared to other coffee places, considered that they come rich, thick and creamy and in a huge cup no less. Their marble latte is absolute divine.

Do try their brioche french toast slathered in a rich caramel sauce, which will tempt your sweet tooth, but it may get a bit cloying, so be prepared to share with someone. Their pancakes come thick and sandwiched with cream and comes with mixed berries on top and some berry sauce.

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