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Marie Chong
Listing created by Marie Chong on October 08, 2014    

The Assembly Ground is a cafe offering a fine selection of meals, bites, coffee, and drinks. It is the food and beverage extension of The Assembly Store.

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pretty cafe, underwhelming food

Dhoby Ghaut has some pretty neat dining options, and The Assembly Ground (an extension of The Assembly Store, not affiliated with Assembly Coffee) is one of the newest additions to the booming cafe scene. I dropped by The Assembly Ground for dinner with a friend on a Friday night. I personally really like the aesthetic of the cafe - very rustic and industrial-like, complete with stencil wall art and bikes mounted onto the walls.

We ordered a Margherita Savoy pizza ($16) and Shredded BBQ Pork Burger ($15). Prices for the mains were pretty steep so we ordered one Green Tea Latte ($5.50) to share. The matcha latte was heavenly, a little on the sweeter side but the taste of matcha was strong and distinct, unlike many other cafes where it tends to be watered down. Promising as the drink was, The Assembly Ground failed to deliver with their mains which were really average, with the pizza dry and lacking in flavour. I had really high hopes after the Green Tea Latte, but was sorely disappointed and ended up paying a hefty price for an unsatisfactory meal. I probably wouldn’t visit again for dinner, but I’ve heard good things about their cakes and brews.

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Creamy and delicious eggs, for half the price!

The Assembly Ground looks like many other cafes I have visited, with the usual flower-in-a-bottle on every table, wooden concept and random art pieces on the wall. Are cafes becoming so predictable and mainstream these days?

However, the Eggs Benedict were what made Assembly stand out from the rest. The poached eggs were done excellently and like every other instavid with the hashtag #eggsbenedict, the yolk oozed out slowly, dripping down the bread, adding a streak of vibrant yellow on the hollandaise sauce. The soft smoked salmon gave the dish a savoury taste, complementing the creamy egg and hollandaise well.

Do check out their daily promotions online before heading down to The Assembly Ground. I got a 1-for-1 promotion for the Eggs Benedict when I visited on a Tuesday, which made the whole experience more satisfying. Oh, and remember to take an Instagram photo with their signature "A" on your way out!

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Really great

While the cakes are slightly pricey, the caffeinated beverages are averagely priced, and the decor is unsurpassed by the coffee chains in the vicinity. The dim lighting speaks of romance, while the little touches - glass jars, cool lighting features - are kitschy, holding great appeal for indie lovers. The coffee rivals anything you'll find at Starbucks or Coffee Bean - I ordered the green tea latte, which was a frothy matcha delight, topped with vanilla ice cream.

Since I was there on a day when I was feeling rich, I decided to top my meal off with some cake. I ordered the Guiness one, I think, I forget what it's called. But the taste of beer shone through, which was quite a pleasant surprise.

The waitstaff is filled with pretty girls who smile at you whenever you place your order or whenever your eyes meet, and even though I play for the other team, I have to say, this is really good service.

All in all, a lovely place to be.

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Assemble With Your Love Ones

The Assembly Ground café is an extension of The Assembly Store, which is a multi-label store consisting international lifestyle and fashion brands.

“The Assembly”, actually came from the verse from Genesis 28:3 “May God Almighty bless you and make you fruitful and multiply you so that you become an assembly of peoples.”

I ordered the Mushroom Cheese Sandwich while my friends ordered the Mac & Cheese and The Assembly Brunch. Here is a break down of the individual meals:

Mushroom Cheese Sandwich ($14.5)
Grilled mushroom, sauteed onions, Vintage Cheddar
This is a meal without any meat, so if you are looking for a vegetarian meal, this will be it. It comes along with fries and a side salad too!

Mac& Cheese ($12)
Macaroni, Bechamel sauce, ham, mozzarella, cheddar
The portion looks quite small and my friend did not feel satisfied with it because she was only 3/4 full. So if you are feeling hungry, you will need to order something else on the sides.

The Assembly Brunch ($19.5)
Scrambled eggs, salmon or ham, wiener sausage, sauteed mushroom, potato gratin, grilled cherry tomatoes, toast.
This is the most expensive meal on the menu but by judging on the ingredients, this is also the most filling.

Overall the cafe looks as fantastic as the store situated right beside it. It has a dim warm glow which makes the whole place feel very homey and cozy. The whole ambience and little details like flowers in a glass bottle on the table that makes it an ideal place for a date or a catch up with your close friends.

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Dhoby Ghaut
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Nice place

Similar to most cafes these days, it is decorated in a wooden, black and white tone. What is different here is the 2 bicycles hanging on the wall with pictures below them. Another interesting decoration is the row of tungsten light bulbs hanging by the wall, which gives a retro look. Another thing is the row of potted herbs on the shelf high up behind the counter. Looks great but the plants look half dead, with half look already gone.

We were showed to a table in front of the counter, where we had a great view of the cakes available. Interestingly the table number was written on the side of a paper cup (Remember the number when placing order at the counter). Raw sugar was available in a cute little jar on the table.

The menu was consisted of 2 pieces of papers with barely there typed wordings on a wooden board. Sorry old already, so had some problems figuring out the wordings. As it was late afternoon, the kitchen was closed. So only drinks, starters and the food items on the counter are available. After deciding the order, just made payment at the counter. Cash, NETs and credit cards are accepted here. There was no GST or service charge.

Iced Mocha ($6.50)
Served in a ball shaped glass with a scoop of ice cream on top. It looked great and tastes quite thick but more like iced chocolate. Seems to be lacking of the coffee taste. The ice cream was a bit of disappointment as there was ice chips around it. Seems that ice cream could have scooped into balls in advance which cause the growth of ice chips around the ice cream.

Earl Grey Citrus Pound ($4.50)
We are surprised to find a coco powder shape on the plate. The cake is quite moist and not sweet. Nicely tasted of the tea flavour, especially at the bottom part.

Fried Calamari ($12.50)
Served piping hot in a army style metal box, it was crunchy and juicy inside with a hint of curry powder (which we wished it could be stronger).

Iced water was served here but there was no staff around to refill it, which my partner ended up helping himself to the jar of water at the counter. Surprisingly the clearing of used cultery was quite efficient. The staffs had gone round asking even when one had not finished. Overall food was still not bad. Improvements needed for cold drinks.

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Great Food, Great Vibes

I’ve been working in the vicinity of The Cathay for quite a while now so I figured, why not try out that cool-looking cafe near the entrance?

Upon entering, a friendly waitress greeted us, handed us our menus and instructed us to proceed to the counter to place our orders when ready. Every table in the cafe is spacious, nicely spread out and complete with a glass bottle of cut flowers, so it doesn’t really matter which table you end up with.

The menu too, is just a few sheets of brown paper attached to a solid wooden board. Simple yet beautiful. My friend and I both ordered their Portobello Mushroom Cheese Sandwich, which comes with parmesan fries and mesculin salad. The sandwich was nicely toasted, and the mushroom and cheese filled the sandwich evenly. The parmesan fries (really good) and mesculin salad also complemented each other really well! Overall, I was very satisfied with my meal.

The ambience here is really chill, perfect for reading a book over a cuppa or just reminiscing good times with good friends. I really want to come back here sometime in the near future. There are so many things on the menu I have yet to try!

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The Cathay
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