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Jensen Chua
Listing created by Jensen Chua on August 06, 2013    

Old-fashioned neighbourhood steakhouse specializing in Russian cuisine with signature dishes: borscht soup and beef steaks. Also serves value for money set meals.


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Nothing much, Nothing special

Once in a while, you and your friends decide to eat somewhere other than the original intended place because it is too crowded or the place has closed down. This is what happened today, when my friends and I originally decided to have dinner at Chomp Chomp. Unable to get a table, we decided to go across the street and eat at the first restaurant we see: Borshch Steakhouse.

They claim to be a Russian restaurant, but the restaurant's interior was devoid of any evidence of Russian culture or influence, which was something that struck me. There was a lack of a theme and the furniture doesn't show anything Russian. This absence of Russian influence also pervades through their food. There's almost nothing Russian about their menu and the selection of main course are pretty much all Western.

The quality of the food is not bad. I ordered grilled fish and tried my friends' grilled steak, pork and beef. The grilled fish, steak and beef are slightly above average, while the pork verges on being inedible. Maybe it was just that piece my friend offered me, but it is still somewhat indicative of the overall food quality.

The dessert is pretty good, we have a choice of pancake or ice-cream and both were nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. That is kind of the feel you receive from dining at Borshch Steakhouse - there just isn't anything to write home about. There was something about the interior design of the restaurant that really made me dislike that place. Perhaps it is because I'm a design-conscious person who has slight OCD. Then again, no restaurant should be designed so badly that it gives customers an unpleasant feeling. For a restaurant with food priced around $15 to $30, I expected some attention to the ambience and the atmosphere. For that, I do not recommend this restaurant, unless you really just want to fill your stomach with something edible.

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Serangoon Gardens
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Setting drab, but the prices great!

I decided to dine at Borshch Steakhouse one evening, when I found that the Sushi Tei a few doors down was full. It certainly looked not bad from the outside: Decently filled with diners and with signs displaying its Russian speciality on the glass panel... Why not, I thought.

Yet once inside, I found that with its white-tiled walls and breaking-up radio, Borshch Steakhouse reminded me more of a Chinese curry rice restaurant than a Russian diner. The food arrived promptly and the service efficient, although I found the staff perhaps a tad too over-attentive: It was slightly unnerving having staff members standing around near your table for the duration of your dinner.

I have, however, no complaints about the food. Affordable and served in extremely decent portions, I certainly enjoyed my dinner. $14.60 (or thereabout) bought me a Set Dinner, comprising a soup, appetizer, main course, dessert and beverage. It's not my typical first choice for a dinner place, but if the restaurants next door are full, and you don't want to wait, I would say it's not bad.

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