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#01-01 National Library Building 100 Victoria Street Singapore 188064
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Hanis Cafe and Bakery Pte Ltd, the sister company of Hans Cafe & Cakehouse, was incorporated in 2006 to cater its food and beverages to the muslim community. They offer a wide variety of food, including western cuisine, local delights, pastries and cakes. 

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unassuming cafe, nothing special

As a child, Hanis was a café my family frequented quite often since it was conveniently situated next to the supermarket. While having meals at Hanis for me is nostalgic, their food really isn’t anything spectacular.

Their food is a little pricey for the portions they serve, and honestly some of them quite remind me of cafeteria food. I usually order their Club Sandwich ($8): 3 sandwiches topped with chicken, bacon, fried egg and cheese – which is surprisingly filling. Their omelettes are not bad, but the coleslaw, tomato and cucumber served on the side is quite pathetic. Their pastas always seem lifeless, but the sauce is decent. I like their iced lemon tea, but if you’re looking for a good strong cup of Kopi-O or Teh then you’re better off sticking to coffee shops.

There’s a lot of hits and misses with Hanis, but the café is cosy and not pretentious, which is a plus. Their food is alright, but I would recommend going for their set meals because ordering a la carte is more expensive.

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Average food but serves convenient role

Hanis thrives on a principle of convenience. It situates itself in ideal locations widely accessible to the public This makes it convenient for people on their way to various destinations just wanting to grab a coffee or a sandwich. It has a branch at the National Library at Bugis, serving as the only food and beverage place in the precinct. Needless to say, it attracts endless flow of people at the library just wanting to chill, returning books or studying there.

Next, it also has a branch at the new building Wilkie Edge, opposite Peace Centre. Wilkie Edge may not be a popular building, but it is popular private school Kaplan’s city campus. Hundreds of students stream in and out of Wilkie edge on a daily basis. Where do they go to for a cup of early morning coffee before class? Hanis. Lunch? Hanis. Teabreak? Hanis. Hanis has queues of students, lecturers and stuff workers throughout the day waiting to order food or drinks.

Hanis is unique in its concept of fusing Western and Chinese cuisine within the menu but the standard of food is average. The set meals may be the most worthwhile, which comes with a drink, a cake, a soup besides the main course. The pastas may not be worth the price you are paying, as you can easily get more decent ones elsewhere with the same price.

Sandwiches may be the only good thing they serve. They do not serve our traditional Teh Bing or iced milk tea, but only Teh Si, tea with evaporated milk. So for tea lovers, you may be up for some disappointment.

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Ordinary food

I’ve mostly been to Hans Café and Cakehouse, and have only been to Hanis Café and Bakery a few times. The food and menu is about the same as Hans Café and Cakehouse, and I don’t really see a difference, just that one serves halal food while the other is non- halal.

The branch I went to, located in Wilkie Edge, is cosy and nice, with a relaxing atmosphere. However, the food was quite ordinary, and on the costly side. The cakes were not that spectacular either, bordering on the dry side. It’s the sort that requires water to be washed down.

I think Hanis Café and Bakery, just like Hans Café and Cakehouse, is a good place to meet with friends and chit- chat, if you don’t mind the pricing and the ordinary food. I have yet to try their sirloin steak, and I think I shall try it one day.

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A good place to hangout

The ambience of the cafe makes it very comfortable to spend a relaxing afternoon with a friend to simply hangout or catchup or just to have afternoon tea. The food here may be unremarkable, but is worth the while for the affordable prices. Everything else like service for example is unremarkable, this cafe is like any other ordinary cafe and does not stand out, this is something that the company may wish to consider improving on especially given that it has huge potential with the whole chain.

My only advice would be to not the visit the bistro with high expectations or you would bound to be disappointed, just think of it as visiting any other cafe and enjoy the company that you are with.

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Just not worth it

My parents and I decided to have our tea break and the nearest cafe we could find was Hanis Cafe and Bakery. I know that most Singaporeans have the impression that halal food do not taste as good as regular, non-halal food, but I was (just very slightly) hoping that Hanis would prove me wrong.

Of course, I was set out for disappointment. Their below-average iced cappuccino costs $5 (I can't believe that I even paid for that). My parents ordered a plate of their Focaccia Delight. If you think that the watery sauce dripping from the coleslaw layer of the sandwich burger is disgusting, wait till you give it a try.

I didn't expect too much out of their service. Their staff were unfriendly and the lady who took my dad's order didn't even bother to look at him. I can say for certain that I'll not be visiting Hanis again.

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