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Our contemporary café is the place where Asian and Western culinary favourites are brought together, giving you a taste of what the best of Singapore has to offer. Be spoilt with a kaleidoscope of culinary choices in our buffet as well as à la carte menu.

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(Updated: January 25, 2015)

Painfully Mediocre.

I dined at Cafe Mosaic very recently under their 1-1 promotion which is available for most major banks in Singapore be it whether you're using Credit or Debit. At face value, it seems like the deal is extremely worth it given that it's practically 50% off. A closer examination, however, reveals the truth.

The price they charge for weekend dinners is an exorbitant $88++. To put things in perspective, with that kind of money I could easily have a meal at one of the better steakhouses in town (Morton's) or dine at a luxurious hotel buffet like St Regis', Fullerton's, or even Ritz-Carlton. Evidently, $88 isn't the actual price they'd charge their customers: the $44 that comes after the 1-1 is applied is a far more realistic gauge. The food the serve is, after all, a far cry from what an $88++ meal would warrant.

That said, the food at Cafe Mosaic isn't bad, but there's hardly anything that was outstanding about the buffet. A few points for the buffet that made it stand out:

1) Contained Ebi Mentai sushi, one of the few buffets to include Mentai items which are ravishingly delicious.
2) For durian fans, their Durian Dessert is sure to delight. It was thick and contained durian pulp and was a delight even for someone who doesn't exactly adore durian like me.
3) Contained a section for sauteed vegetables where you could pick your own and tell the chef to fry it live. That was nice.

Unfortunately, the negative sides of the restaurant far outweighed its plus points.

1) There was a somewhat putrid smell around the buffet spread area, which got worse over time. This REALLY ruins appetites.
2) They had an astonishing lack of variety of sashimi, presenting only a single 'variety': salmon. Even then, their salmon was rather plain.
3) They offered UNSHELLED wasabi prawns, which was a huge head scracher. By the time one finished peeling the prawns, all the wasabi sauce was gone and it tasted like normal prawns. Absolutely confounding.
4) Their roast beef was upsetting. Far from being tender, their roast was dry even after black pepper sauce is heaped on it. Definitely not 5 Star standard.
5) Their oysters were thin and lacked juice. One of the worst oysters I've eaten, if you could even say that.
6) Service was rather bad for a hotel restaurant as well. Ironically, it was their relatively inexperienced staff or part-timers that provided better service (with a smile, for one) and refilled drinks and cleared plates promptly. Their manager, on the other hand, and a few other more experienced looking staff were dismissive and rude. This quite ruined the experience.
7) The presentation of the items was severely lacking. Their roast station, believe it or not, was lumped together with where one could order laksa or sauteed vegetables. Certainly not where you'd expect to find the roast station. Furthermore, their hot dishes were presented in a manner that you'd expect from a normal catering service, not a proper hotel buffet.

All in all, dining at Cafe Mosaic was a wholly no-frills and thoroughly Singaporean experience. They serve a large variety of local dishes, which if that's your thing, you should enjoy. Nonetheless, I'd recommend that rather than dining there, options at Lau Pa Sat nearby are not only cheaper but tastier. You'd probably even get better service.

It's easy to say that I'm being too harsh on them but remember that in comparing hotel buffets, this ranks as one of the worst hotel buffets I've been to in a long time. For the price I shelled out and the expectations I went with, I wouldn't return to Cafe Mosaic anytime soon.

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