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Listing created by msmindy on September 17, 2012    

We’re the Furballs is an interesting F&B and Pet store hybrid located near the famous Katong laksa.

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Wait, there's a catch!

On weekdays, admission per pax for students cost $8.90; which includes a drink. No restriction on the amount of time you get to spend with the lovely dogs. Sadly, if you want to get the attention of the dogs, you have to get the dog treats first. Once the dogs sense that you have a packet of dog treats, they will all start clambering towards you! Of course, after you have run out of dog treats; all of them will just ignore you.

Dog treats are only available in a claw machine; well, there's a catch to everything (get it?). It isn't that hard to get a few treats, unlike those blasted claw machines in arcades. However, I spent an average of 2-3 tries to get the first dog treat. Once you get the hang of it, its much easier. Each try costs $1; so including all the failures, each packet of dog treat costs about $3. It is a really small packet though, smaller than the size of your palm. It is, however, enough to get the dogs' attention for a few seconds.

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(Updated: February 28, 2014)

Doggy Heaven

Being a dog-lover who've always wanted a dog but never had the chance to own one, this dog cafe is definitely a dream come true! As soon as I heard about this cafe, I immediately set a date with my cousin to visit this place. I've heard about the abundance of dog cafes overseas, but never had a chance to visit one until WTF came to town!

For a small fee, you get a bubble tea to sip on as you are escorted to the 2nd level where the cute little puppies dwell. The puppies will excitedly come up to the door to welcome you, it's such bliss that warms your heart really.

The first time I went, it was in the early afternoon, and there was already a huge crowd. When there are a lot of people, the puppies have a lot of 'human pillows' to choose from and it might take some time for them to warm up to you, and you don't get much chance to play with them. However, the next time I went, I chose to go in the late evening, and there was not a single soul when we went! Although the puppies conveniently ignored us at first, they eventually wore themselves out chasing each other around the room and came snuggling on our laps for a nap. I felt especially honoured to be chosen by the cool and aloof Bui Bui! Apparently, she is quite picky with her 'human pillow'. It's a different, but nice and comfortable way to spend an evening catching up with friends this way, with adorable furballs on your laps as you reminisce old days.

Like all other living things, the puppies pee and poo, and one downside would be that last I went, they were not toilet-trained. The cafe-owners come upstairs to clean up quite frequently, and if they do make a boo-boo, you can notify the people working there. However, the mop is always laid in the corner, and I have tried my hands on cleaning up after the puppies myself too!

Also, if you are a dog owner, so long as your dog is a small breed, you can bring them up to befriend the resident furballs! If not, you can still enjoy some of the cafe's taiwan street snacks on level 1 with your big dog. This cafe is definitely a place I would love to visit again.

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The puppies snoozing on your lap!
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A Haven for Dog Lovers!

We the Furballs is one of the best dog cafes I've ever visited. Upon entering, the extremely friendly and outgoing owner briefed us on the rules of the place before letting us in. Do note that the entrance fee includes a free drink and the time we are allowed inside the area where the dogs are is unlimited, unlike other dog cafes.

My first impression of the place is that it is extremely clean and well-maintained. There are quite a lot of dogs roaming around freely inside the pen area, which is wide and spacious. Some of the dogs are really friendly, whereas some of the dogs require some time to warm up to strangers. My favourite dog is Bui Bui the French bulldog, who likes to alternate between playing play tug-of-war with people and snuggling on peoples' laps.

There are snacks, main course and desserts provided there too, which are of a pretty decent standard. There is also a vending machine where people can buy dog treats to feed the dogs. Make sure you buy the treats if you want to interact more with the dogs, as they will do cute actions such as shaking paws (hands) and rolling etc. All the dogs kept following me around because they knew that I had treats in my hand, and it was hard to resist their adorable pleading eyes. I really love the dogs and cafe atmosphere, and will definitely come back in the future to visit these adorable and friendly dogs!

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clean environment, friendly dogs
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A place for dog-lovers

Being a dog person and an absolute dog-lover, I was charmed by the concept of this cafe - a place for you to play with these beautiful, unwaveringly loyal creatures - how ingenious!

The interior of this cafe isn't beautifully furnished, as expected, since it is a place inhabited by dogs, which aren't known for their cleanliness. I would suppose if this place was luxuriously designed and outfitted with the most expensive, opulent furniture, it would have looked worn out soon anyway, considering these dogs are an extremely energetic and rowdy bunch.

The food is nothing to write home about, however, when playing with the adorable dogs, I was willing to excuse that. My favourite dog there is definitely Buibui, since I've always had a thing for bulldogs with their wrinkly faces, round bodies and stubby legs.

I can see how there could be cause for concern as there isn't exactly a pristine track record when it comes to involving animals in enterprises, however, animal rights activists, fret not, these dogs look well-loved and well taken care of by the entrepreneurs behind this cafe.

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of Dogs and Drinks.

I remember coming here a few months back . Well it's hard to forget this place because of it's interesting acronym which is a spin of a popular vulgarity.

Well on the cafe, it's a pretty simple concept, whereby you can order finger food and snacks (nothing much there) and bring the drinks upstairs where you can spend hours playing with their collection of different breeds of dogs. One good thing about this place is that dog lovers can come here to play with the dogs, if they're not suitable to rear dogs and commit to these fur balls 24/7.

Their drinks are like gong cha and koi, mostly selling teas with starchy balls. Their teas tasted rather pure and not processed and artificial tasting which i was pretty glad about.

Their dogs are a pretty fierce bunch, which can get into fights with each other. All in all, it's a pretty fun place to spend your afternoon at, it can be a new place to hit if your partner is a dog lover.

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Doggy Daycare

To be very honest, my first and only experience there was not the most fantastic one and hence I have not been back ever since. The entry fee to play with the dogs is capped at about $6 or $7 which is a reasonable fee to play with the dogs for an unlimited amount of time. It comes with a free bubble tea which I was rather glad about because it meant that I didnt have to spend additional money buying beverages.

When I first entered the pen, the dogs were very excited, hoping and jumping around me and that got me excited too. There was even a screen displaying pictures of the dogs with their names on it. I was overwhelmed by the cuteness of those little furballs instantly, as I found myself surrounded by about 8 lap-sized doggies. I guess the attention of the dogs were all mine( and my boyfriend's) because we were the only people there initially and it was quite fun seeing them all cuddly around us. However as the day got later, more people started coming in and the dogs started to lose interest in playing with everyone. It got pretty intense because everyone was trying to fight for the little dogs' attentions and I found myself sitting at a corner looking on to how the poor dogs were being confused. Things got really messy when one of the dogs poo-ed at a corner and caused quite a chaos with the other dogs chasing it around. I also got to witness a miniature fight going on where I felt rather helpless as I was unsure on how to go about doing anything.

Perhaps it was just a bad day for the dogs, but they were very friendly and cute. Everyone deserves a second chance?

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Fun and relaxing interaction

WTF is a place where there are dogs available for you to interact with while having a bubble tea drink or snacks. I love bubble tea and I love dogs so I headed down to visit this place after my friend's recommendation. They have 5 or 6 dogs here and they are all not shy to interact with strangers! Environment is very relaxing. You sit on the floor to play with the little furballs. The owners/staffs there are also really friendly! I went there on a weekday and it was not crowded at all, so I had most of the furballs to myself. Bui Bui the bulldog even fell asleep on my lap! So cute!!!

Do note that there are certain rules that you have to follow while interacting with the furballs there. If you break any of the rules and the little animals get injured, you would have to be responsible for it. You are also not allowed to bring your own dogs into the premises. For maximum fun, do abide by the rules and be gentle with the animals! The location is quite hard to find as it is nestled among some shop houses. I would definitely recommend all dog lovers to head down there for a relaxing afternoon with a cup of iced drink! Now I wish Singapore has a cat cafe.. maybe I should open one in the future? Heh!

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(Updated: September 18, 2012)

Play with the puppies

If you are a dog lover, here it is – a dog playground that welcomes all dog lovers to drop by to play with their cute little puppies! WTF cafe which stands for We’re the Furballs is located at 45 East Coast Road which is near our famous Katong Laksa.

On the first level is a F&B shop which sells bubble tea and some Taiwanese fried food like fried chicken, sweet potatoes etc. However, don’t expect much from it as the food is pretty average nothing special though. However, on the second level is the dogs’ playground, it’s air-conditioned and filled with little toys and cushions for the puppies to play with. You can sit on the stools or anywhere you like and have a tug-of-war game with the puppies!

There’s an entry fee of $6.50 on weekdays, and $7.50 on weekends. Of course, this includes a complimentary bubble tea drink! I love that place alot as I find it relaxing, having the companionship of the cuties as well as sipping a cup of refreshing ice milk tea! AWESOME! Oh, do note that it may get slightly crowded during the weekends.. and you may have to wait a little while before you get to play with the puppies!

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