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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 12, 2012    

The Hotel features 40 colonial style rooms tastefully designed with Rodeo inspired decors overlooking a scenic view. It is an oasis of tranquility with country style lush green land-scapes.Situated in the heart of HorseCity. Get away from the busy streets of Singapore and head over to the tranquil settings of Rider's Lodge. It offers value-for-money accommodation with warm and personalised service.

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Room Prices:
Deluxe: $225
Grandeur: $250
Suite: $350


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What a joke

This place is a joke. It is fit for horses and dogs, and they are also not too far away from you if you are going to spend the night here.

Lower all expectations, i did, and i am still disappointed. First of all, i was given a room that was not cleaned and had to request for another room. Secondly, the room was dirty and i had no hot water in my room. I turned on the heater and after 10 minutes, my water was still luke warm. Thirdly, I had no shower gel in the shower gel dispenser. the list goes on and on and on. No slippers, only given 1 towel, dirty pillows in the closet, faulty remote for tv, no amenities even though you are paying close to SGD150 after tax. This place is worth SGD50 for sure.

So guess what? I went to watch a movie, ate Mcdonald's in bed and i went home to sleep. haha. I went home. Never to return, ever.

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eating mcdonald's in bed
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pitch a tent at changi beach, it is free
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Cheap Accomodation

Stayed at Riders Lodge for 1 night. The best thing about it was that it was really cheap, the Grandeur Room cost us approximately $120-150. Otherwise, it was not a good stay for me.

Firstly, we had to take a taxi to this location which was not close to any landmark except for Turf City. We explored Turf City which had a supermarket, Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant and a few car shops that were closed. The place was really run-down.

Secondly, Riders Lodge is beside a dog training place so we were awoken by dogs barking. Thirdly, the room was old and sheets were not very clean. The shower was old and had an overall "Chalet feel" to it.

However, if you're not choosy about the room, it isn't that bad as there was still a comfortable bed, television, own shower. Only recommended for people who are on a tight budget.

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Comfy home feel.

Riders' Lodge is tucked away in Bukit Timah area, very near to the old Turf Club, or the current Turf City.

I booked the Grandeur room and i was greatly surprised and how large it is. It is almost the same size as a 4 star deluxe room. The room was clean and simple furnishings was placed around the room. Although the interior is nothing like a 4 star hotel, meaning the flooring is tile based, no bathtubs or centralised heating (a small heater is used for the water), it gives a very comfy feel, like a well furnished HDB room, but a big one.

Some minor complaints, there is not any complimentary parking for this hotel. Although there is a carpark facilities just beside the hotel, it is chargeable by the hour as it is shared by another 2 companies in the same area. But luckily there is free day parking available at turf city to save on some unnecessary expenses.

Breakfast, although included in the booking, was not very attractive. There is not much choice to choose from, just the some bread, cereal and fruits. There is some hotdogs and prata, but nothing much else. and the taste seems more catered for indians as well.

This is a hotel, that i will go visit again, well, breakfast can be better though.

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