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SingSale is a members-only online shopping website by Australian company Ozsale Pty Limited. It holds sales every day for products ranging from branded apparel to jewelry, lifestyle products and more. SingSale members will receive notification emails every day, to keep them updated about the latest sales. These sales go on for 2 to 3 days, after which stock is sent to SingSale's warehouse, and dispatched from there. As the stock is sent from Australia, buyers can expect to have their purchase delivered to their doorstep within 14 to 28 days after the sale ends.

Interested parties should take note that SingSale has shipping fees, which depend on the purchase itself. In addition, SingSale permits only 1 purchase per transaction. However, buyers will enjoy free shipping for most orders placed within an hour of the first order.


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Worst online shopping site. Ever

Delayed shipment, worst refund policy ever, and horrible customer service. Tried contacting them through various channels only to be ignored.

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I do a great deal of online shopping and don't keep track of every single one of my orders over different websites. My experience with Singsale is by far the worst I've ever had to go through.

I made my first order with them at the end of 2015 but forgot about it. I was not informed about the initial delivery and thus missed it, and here's the kicker - I wasn't even contacted after the failed delivery attempt in order to reschedule another delivery. ZERO COMMUNICATION FROM SINGSALE WHATSOEVER, EMAIL, PHONE, NOTE, ANYTHING. They simply quietly gave me a refund in store credits which is only valid for 6 months. I WAS NOT INFORMED ABOUT ANY OF THIS SO OBVIOUSLY THE CREDITS EXPIRED. I checked back today as I recently just made another order - same situation with ZERO COMMUNICATION ON DELIVERY. NOW THEY REFUSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND REFUND ME IN FULL OR AT THE VERY LEAST EXTEND THE STORE CREDITS EVEN THOUGH THE FAULT IS COMPLETELY ON THEIR PART.


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nightmarish online shopping experience

An ‘online shopping club’ based on Singapore, I was first drawn to Singsale by their huge savings off designer brands like Armani and Calvin Klein. Their extensive range of items left me spoilt for choice, and although the delivery time of one month was pretty long I had no qualms about waiting after getting such a great bargain. They provided a tracking number too so I could be kept up to date about the status of my item.

A few days prior to the delivery date, I received an email from Singsale advising that my items were out of stock, even though payment had been made and the deal confirmed almost a whole month before. I was pretty bummed, but the refunding process went smoothly. I tried once more during one of their campaigns and bought several pairs of Levi’s shoes, and a similar situation occurred - not one pair was available!

Stick to ASOS and Zalora for your purchases, and save yourself the frustration of shopping with Singsale.

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Messy website and not-so good service

I like shopping at SingSale for the good deals. But the website is such a turn-off. The items are grouped into brands which make "shopping" very tedious. To shop, you have ton go through every single section. I wanted to search for the top only but I realise the website do not provide such function. There is no search button either. So I cannot just search for the prints I wanted - e.g. stripe. The items in the cart also seems to disappear if you don't check out before you close the window. I spend several hours once just to find out what I added in!

Also, the customer service needs to improve. I placed an order which is suppose to be shipped on 16 July. After 10 days, it is STILL not shipped yet and I didn't receive any notification.

Oh yes The shipping fee is confusing. I was charged for multiple shipping costs for SAME order (placed at the same time) and they ended up being shipped together.

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Limited range of products but seems to be a good deal.

Moving my mouse over the yellow banner that presided all of my google searches, I decided to take a risk and take a look at this site. Having heard of many online scams that have had terrible feedback, I wasn't too keen on looking at this site - but with all the advertisements they have, why not?

I was surprised to find out that this site had many good deals upon entering their page. It looked like it was similar to the ASOS website with many apparels for sale. In fact, certain seasons, the deals are pretty sweet because of the huge discounts that they give.

However, it's a pity that having browsed through the pages, there was nothing that really shouted out to me. I guess partly due to the lack of brands that they carry, most of the clothings hardly appealed to my sense of style which made me consider more carefully before making a purchase.

Other than that, it looks like one of the many sites that offer good deals as part of the online shopping benefits and experience.

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Great deals every day!

You probably would have seen its advertisements at the side of your Facebook homepage. Maybe you even wondered why the picture of its product changes so often. That’s right, I’m talking about SingSale, and if you haven’t heard of this website, well, it’s time you did.

SingSale is very much like Groupon, in the sense that you have sign up as a member (which is free, by the way) to view the flash sales. Every day, you will receive notifications on its newest sales, which can be a bit annoying, but… there are usually good deals, so I’m not complaining! SingSale once had Cheap Monday jeans going for around $60, which is such a steal! They also often have sales for other brands, like Levi’s and New Look, so you might just find treasure there.

SingSale doesn’t carry just apparel – they also have deals for other things like bedsheets, candles, jewelry, leather goods and much more, so it’d be a good idea to sign up as a member, so that you don’t miss out on these deals. I love the fact that some of the sales are for products that are not available in Singapore, because the variety it gives definitely sets it apart from other online stores.

One thing that I don’t like about SingSale is that its shipping fees are not clearly stated. I also dislike the fact that the website only allows one item in your cart at a time. It’s so troublesome to have to checkout my purchases one at a time! However, it’s a minor issue, and overall SingSale is an awesome website for great deals. Do take a look!

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