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Zalora is among the largest online fashion retailers in Singapore, sporting over 500 brands and thousands of products.



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Long Read, but worth it I promise

So I've been a customer of Zalora since 2015, and I think the amount I've spent on the platform can add up to more than $1000++ (not much on the scale of things, but still quite an amount). Zalora has great items sold, with a multitude of brands too. After purchasing from Zalora for months and months and months with positive experiences, my firm (one of the largest legal firm in Singapore, no jk) was looking for a gift for one of our esteemed senior partner. Me, being a Zalora fan, recommended we utilised Zalora to buy the item. At $200++, we will have free delivery plus the assurance of 1-3 days of delivery. Of course, just my luck, the first time I'm using this platform to purchase a corporate gift, Zalora let me down.

1. Purchased the gift on the 28th of December, Thursday. Understand that New Year is around the corner, we will have a long weekend and expected the purchase to reach by the following Tues, or latest Wed.

2. On the 29th of December 2017, Friday, the app showed that all was clear - the order was received, verification done - and that they had started shipping. Well, this exceeds expectation! If shipping was on the 29th, I was looking forward to receive it by the 2nd, Tuesday. But no.

3. On the morning of 3rd Jan, Wednesday, I received an sms notification saying that my Zalora package will be reaching me on that day itself. Since it's not a personal purchase, address was to my office. And I waited..and waited.. and waited until 7.30pm. Zalora hotline was obviously closed, so I went home for the day.

4. On the morning of the 4th, Thursday, I gave Zalora a call again, and one of the staff helped me expedite the delivery. After 4pm, the delivery came. Now the fun begins:

The packaging was crumpled, and dusty. Almost like it was squished sometime back. Opened up the packaging only to find the box was squashed. Not a single straight edge. Opened up the box to find the actual product.....logo was smudged.


Zalora is a legit re-seller. I'm buying a branded item off them, and the logo is smudged?

5. This cannot be. So again, a long process of calling..and calling..and emailing..and emailing the service staff, which brings me to today, the 5th of January, Friday.

6. After the horror of an item I received, the customer service crew helped me arranged for a one on one exchange. It was supposed to be "high priority". After numerous calls...item is still not here for me to exchange. Now is 4.40pm. Friday. My event is starting in the next hour.

I'm having an exclusive partners dinner, where we were supposed to present this gift to our SP, I have to go to the event venue, but I'm still in my office waiting for a rider that just never seem to be coming.

Best thing is, despite all their failed promises this week, Zalora still have the cheek to ask me how I feel about their customer service.

If someone from Zalora even bother coming to this forum to have a read, I just have one question : why.. why is it when it's an important purchase that you decide to let me down.

Is Zalora then a blacklisted company for me? Maybe, maybe not. Will I ever use Zalora again? I'll probably delete the app from my life for a while before succumbing back to the platform. But what a sour taste it had left in my mouth.

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Never buy anything from them!
I bought a dress from them & discover the dress was spoilt. The thread all came out and almost broken due to poor quality (which I bought for over S$100 over). I called & asked for refund the next day.
The agreed to collect it on the same week on Friday, they never come. I called ‭+65 3157 5555‬ to complained. They promised to collect on another day but didn’t come again.

I called them again and they promised to come and collect on 27/11 but didn’t come again! They just make things difficult for you to get refunds! Very bad customer service! Making people wait at home and making things difficult for people. Such company shouldn’t exist.

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(Updated: February 19, 2016)

not the best place to be when you're broke

I LOVE shopping. Personally, I prefer shopping online to shopping at physical stores. Zalora has been one of my favorite shopping sites to shop on because they have a wide variety of brands which allows me to get them all at one place. They even stock items from Topshop, Adidas, Nike and Aldo.

I can spend hours on Zalora and end up with $200 worth of items in my cart. Also, Zalora offers free shipping islandwide when you spend $40 and above, which is honestly not difficult to hit at all. Take me for example. They ship your items within 1-3 days of payment which is GREAT.

Zalora also has excellent customer service. Once, I purchased a pair of boots that came with different colored shoe laces and requested for them to resend just the laces. I got a call back from them almost immediately with an apology because they ran out of stock and would like to refund me the full amount, and I get to keep the boots. Was that not excellent or what? Since then, I always go to Zalora for my retail therapy.

I highly recommend Zalora to anyone, even if they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something you like.

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Aka the wallet emptier

I had fumbled around with online shopping when Gmarket had still been the Taobao of Singapore, and when I was first introduced to the #sgselling hashtag on Instagram. Online shopping had never went well with me, until I used Zalora one day.

It was after I had gotten my first debit card, during which the bank lady had told me: “You can shop online with it” in a bid to get me to sign up for one. I turned to the first online store I knew, scrolled endlessly, and settled with my first four purchases out of many in the future. The clothes that arrived were the exact quality I had expected - maybe even better. They were true to the picture, and true to size. When I knew of their easy refund policy, I started shopping even more freely. If I didn’t like a piece of clothing, I simply resealed the package and dropped it off at the post office. Easy peasey lemon squeezy.

Zalora’s easy-to-use interface and endless scrolling display makes it an addictive app to shop with, and the affordable prices they offer don’t help much either.

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The dark horse of e-shopping

Shopping on Zalora is gradually gaining traction in recent years. The online shopping site started by e-commerce firm Lazada group which is based in Singapore has successfully differentiated its webpage from other blogshops - free shipping, quick delivery (max 3 working days) and seemingly endless sales… everything a girl loves.

Everything a boy loves, too. Zalora boasts a large male clothing selection spanning from footwear to hats. As a member of Zalora, I can vouch for the quality of the garments and the efficiency of the delivery team. I ordered my prom dress from Zalora last year and it was delivered the very next day.

With a very user friendly app, I believe that Zalora would continue to gain popularity - it has expanded to Malaysia and other parts of SEA. I love it and strongly recommend Zalora to e-shoppers!

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Good shopping destination for stacking discounts

Online shopping has been getting rather monotonous recently as the choices for shopping websites have been exhausted to a large extent. However, recently i came across several cash rebate websites such as which offer pretty decent cash backs from many familiar online stores (eg. Zalora, Rakuten and even Courts). I was pleasantly surprised by the wide selections of merchants and later found out that the cash rebates may be stacked with the other promotions ran by the individual websites.

I bought a herschel bag pack recently with a 20% discount from Zalora's promotional code and an additional 10% cash rebates from shopback. That pretty much helped me to save up quite a substantiate amount of money. Although i have yet to receive my item but given the discounts i received, its worth a wait. Overall, I'm satisfied with my shopping experience with Zalora.

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The first time I shopped with Zalora was when they began operations and it was shocking to get my stuff like 5 days later. This is a local webstore so I expected a faster delivery. Yet, it took so long.

I waited some time again before ordering from them with a coupon I had. Delivery was faster this round but guess what? The item, a skincare product, came smelling weird. I was considering to complain but I didn't because the item didn't cost that much either.

So I don't think I want to shop at Zalora anymore. Better to use my money elsewhere.

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(Updated: July 22, 2014)

Shopping on a Budget!

Zalora is a no-frills online shop with fantastic customer service. I had my initial doubts about purchasing from Zalora as there were some negative rumors floating about the internet, so I only made my first purchase after I got my NS40 vouchers (vouchers issued to NSmen). After all, I figured that the purchases would technically be free, so there wasn't much downside to buying something I really wanted.

I received the item within 3 working days, with everything in order, and that started my string of purchases from Zalora. I have made many more purchases since then, and have found the customer service to be extremely receptive and helpful. I once ordered an item over the weekend before finding a cheaper listing elsewhere and managed to cancel the purchase on the actual day of delivery (Monday)! Here's a tip though: if the same thing happens to you and the customer service does not get back to you in time, you can always choose to reject the item with an explanation.

Oh and a #protip for you: follow @ZaloraSingapore for unexpected sales and promotions! They have the occasional 1-hour flash sale, which your wallet (and wardrobe) will thank you for.

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(Updated: February 11, 2014)

The department store of online shopping

I've bought items from Zalora twice and had generally positive experiences both times.

The items they sell are well organised according to category and items are shipped fast. However, I wish they would list all the available colours of each product in one entry instead of having multiple listings for different patterns of the exact same product.

Do sign up for their newsletter as well! I got $10 off my purchase immediately by leaving them my email address. They do email quite often like 4 times a week so you might want to leave your secondary email address with them instead. Otherwise, their emails almost always contain discount codes that range from 5-20 percent off listed prices. I just got a coupon code today that could be used for sale items as well!

My sister recently got an Eastpak backpack for just $45 when we saw the same bag at a shop in Plaza Singapura for $90! The discounts on Zalora can be pretty awesome if you know the prices of the stuff you're buying :)

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Great Online Shop!

Zalora is a really great website for casual online shopping. Their goods range from shoes to clothes and bags. What is good is that their categories are very neat and easy to navigate; unlike other online shops where one even has to click on individual items before seeing their prices.

Billing is convenient too– you can even pay in cash on delivery, and the quality of their goods won’t fail you. I once bought a blouse on Zalora, and the quality was acceptable for the price I paid for it.

Apart from the things they sell and we buy, I personally like the design of their logo– looks simple and quaint!

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