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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 19, 2012    

Jipaban is an online shopping mall that features social networking elements. This online mall houses several local blogshops, and retails various items ranging from clothing to gifts, and even books. 


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Great shopping at your fingertips!

Jipaban is an online shopping mall, that’s not limited to just apparel. This online store sells games, books, gadgets and more – basically, it’s kind of like Zalora, but more extensive, and targeted at a younger audience.

My first purchase from Jipaban was during the Christmas period last year, as there were massive sales going on. The bag I bought cost only $11, as there was 70% off! It was an awesome buy, so definitely keep an eye out for Jipaban’s sales, as there are usually huge discounts!

I also like the fact that Jipaban collaborates with blogshops, to sell their apparel on its website. That way, I have all the latest collections from popular blogshops right at my fingertips. It’s so convenient! It’s great that Jipaban has men’s apparel as well, and they’re trendy and reasonably priced. So, if you’re unwilling to brave the heat to go shopping, try Jipaban!

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Innovative concept

The creators of Jipaban are definitely innovative, I'll give them that. With the increasing growth of online shopping nowadays, the creation of a virtual online shopping mall was definitely ingenious, as this lends consumers a platform to consolidate all of their favourite online stores all in one place, and saves them the trouble of switching from one website to another, when they can simply line the stores up in their virtual mall.

Jipaban features several local online stores like MaryJulian, and it's definitely a one-stop online store for online shoppers as they can now purchase everything under the sun all at one go. Jipaban has also opened up easier payment options for online stores, as paypal is accepted at most, if not all, online stores, and it definitely saves shoppers the hassle of having to fish out their iBanking device.

Jipaban also engages in frequent sales, like the recent Black Friday sale, in which prices across most stores within Jipaban were slashed - a little like the Great Singapore Sale, if I must add.

An amazing concept that is slowly draining away my money with its accessibility and convenience.

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(Updated: December 22, 2012)

Indeed a virtual online shopping mall

The number and variety of items available on Jipaban is indeed impressive. Indeed, one could say that it is a virtual marketplace in its own right. In my free time, I used to explore Jipaban to see what are the latest additions and what items I might want to ship over. It never made sense to buy goods that can be easily found in local stores and hence I was always on the lookout for unique items made overseas, from apparel brands to hardware.

Sadly, I never got about making any purchases. The main reason was the possibility of a scam (Since you are dealing with many foreigners and they can't be held accountable should they decide to scam you) as well as the reliability of the goods. At least locally, you can check out your goods on the spot in physical stores before making a more well-informed decision.

All in all, Jipaban is a blessing of modern innovation and is a crucial step towards the further propagation of online retail due to the novelty of the idea 'A virtual shopping mall'

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Great variety, questionable service

I've only purchased apparel from Jipaban once, during their Black Friday sale. I loved the sale prices of course. Because Jipaban houses a number of brands, prices vary depending on the brand.

What I like about Jipaban is the huge array of items on offer. The variety of clothes, apparels, accessories etc. can even get a bit overwhelming. They also have very cute and interesting gifts and lifestyle items. Nice, quirky and definitely very tempting to buy.

However, I didn't have all too awesome an experience shopping with them. Perhaps it was because I was shopping during a sale, and perhaps because everyone else must have been trying to cart out items before the sale ended too, I had problems trying to check out my items. I tried for over half an hour before finally contacting them for help. I understand that there might have been heavy traffic but surely the problem should have been anticipated. The problem somehow got resolved, NOT because they responded to my help request. In fact, they never replied at all! I think it would have been nice to at least send an acknowledgement. On a separate occasion, I emailed an enquiry and once again never got any response. The items I bought took some time to arrive, but to their credit, they did send out a mass email to say that items purchased during the Black Friday sale would take some time before they were mailed out.

If service could be improved, I think Jipaban would provide great online shopping.

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