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Ohvola is a blogshop that has opened in 2007, ran by yet another pair of sisters, Lucinda (http://lucindazhou.blogspot.com) and Jolene (http://jolenezhou.blogspot.com).  They carry a wide range of female apparels and accessories targeted for women aged 16-35. Its great that their apparel is uniquely designed and exclusively manufactured with their own in-house label!

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Emma Lee
Top 100 Reviewer 97 reviews
(Updated: January 18, 2016)
Just another blogshop
Overall Rating 

Ohvola opened quite a long time back, but only gained popularity recently with the rise of blogshops. The style of Ohvola isn’t much different from other online shops such as Love Bonito or The Editor’s Market and to be honest, the designs are getting predictable and boring.

The blogshop religiously follows current fashion trends and carries a line of chic clothing that is definitely in vogue. Asymmetrical skirts? Check. Knit tops? Check. Square neck halter dress? Check. Ohvola has all the essentials in an ordinary blogshop, and lacks its own unique style. It doesn’t have the special something that gives it an edge over its competitors.

With the rising popularity of Carousell where users sell many blogshop clothes at a lower price, Ohvola needs to have more competitive prices for their mainstream fashion.

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Clothes for all occasions
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Overall Rating 

Ohvola is an online store that sells mainly self-manufactured clothes under their own Ohvola label. It is one of the few online stores that sells self-manufactured clothes which I feel, beats mass market clothes anytime. For $28.50, would you rather get a piece of unique apparel or an apparel which is being sold over 10, 20 over blogshops? I would go with the former!! The style here is very feminine. Think peplum tops and skirts, printed pants, evening dresses, heels, florals and prints, pop colors. There is a wide range of clothes that can cater to people who are looking for casual wear and also for people who are looking for formal wear.

What I like about their clothes is that it is not overly thick. It is important that my clothes feel light and comfortable in Singapore, where it is sunny almost 3/4 of the year. Their clothes hold up to washing well although some pieces have faded colors so I am not too sure if it's just a bad piece that I have got or is it my washing method? If you are not sure about the sizes, they also provide exact measurements for the dress, which makes online shopping so much easier! Customer service is great and parcels are not delayed. Always choose registered postage for a peace of mind. Lastly, don't forget to join mailing lists (applies to all online stores) for great discounts, previews and launch dates!

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