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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on March 31, 2013    

This blogshop belongs to Mega and her sister who both have a big passion for passion. She has a personal blog which you can view here. They specalise in lady wear. They have retail space at  KissJane @ Bugis Junction #03-13A and  KissJane @ 1 Harbourfront walk #02-231/232 (near linkway to harbourfront).

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Clothes go out of stock too quickly!

Megagamie is, without a doubt, one of the more popular blogshops in Singapore. It carries feminine and flirty apparel that you can dress up or down, depending on your style.

This local blogshop is chock full of lace, embroidery and florals, so its overall style is sweet and girly. It’s definitely my go-to store for skirts and dresses, because I love the intricacy and attention to detail. The prices are slightly on the high side, with a pair of shorts costing almost $30, but I feel that the quality of the apparel justifies the price.

My only gripe about Megagamie is that its stocks run out way too fast! Whenever a new collection comes up, interested buyers will have to camp for the clothes they want. That is to say, when the collection is about to be launched, customers will have to wait by their computers and refresh the webpage repeatedly, to snap up the highly-coveted pieces. Those who can’t get what they want will then have to wait for backorders. I feel that this is quite unfair for other buyers, who will have to wait at least 2 weeks to get their clothes. If Megagamie could bring in more stocks for their more popular items, I’m sure customers will appreciate it.

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Great quality!

Megagamie and I found each other in a wonderful case of serendipity. I was desperate for a dress to wear to a wedding (because you know, cousins getting hitched and all really deserves brand new dresses). I'd been sourcing through several other local blogshops and getting terribly disgusted at how local blogshops were pretty much selling the exact same thing, when I discovered Megagamie.

I would say that Megagamie is certainly more suited for women in the mid-20s range. Their pieces are always prim and proper and so amazingly classy. The best thing is, they almost always self-manufacture their pieces - this I really do adore, because there's nothing more I abhor than to find myself wearing the exact same piece of clothing as a stranger on the street.

Quality is pristine, and for such amazing details and femininity, I certainly don't mind paying a little over $30!

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Stylish and edgy fashion

I love Megagamie for the unique and edgy line of clothes they manufacture, as well as the way in which they style their models. The clothes they manufacture (all their items are self-manufactured) are really stylish, which I suppose it why their items sell out really quickly and this can get quite disappointing and frustrating.

However, I've stopped shopping with them recently for a number of reasons.

One problem I have is that as all their photo-shoots are done outdoors, I'm never sure if the colour of the item is true to that in the photo.

Furthermore, the descriptions of items aren't always helpful. For example, it's not always clear whether a pair of trousers is high- or mid-waist, or what sort of closure (button or zip or elastic waist) and what material it is made of.

In addition, the quality of their clothes is not very consistent. While some of their crochet items are really exquisite, some other items come with buttons merely hanging off loose threads. (I had to reinforce the buttons of a brand new skirt.)

Finally, some of their items, even in the smallest sizes, are not really made for the more petite ladies in my opinion.

Nevertheless, their service is still pretty decent e.g. polite and decently prompt replies to emails. Their clothes are also always unique so as long as I can find a size that fits and I'm certain of the quality (read reviews and check out the items in brick and mortar stores first), I would buy Megagamie's self-manufactured items!

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Nice designs but limited quantity

The clothes sold at Megagamie also exudes this elegant and glamorous vibe. I think it has got to do with the models and the photos used! I always find myself enjoying the photos on this online store as the models really do carry the clothes off well. They also have their shoots outdoors and not at photo studios against a white backdrop. Their photos are off high quality and some of the photos can be used as an ad in town! I also like that they not only have one model, but two, sometimes showing interaction in the photos. The clothes here are very feminine. Think girly crotchets, tube tops and blousons!

Prices are reasonable for they provide high quality clothes with intricate designs. Buy one of their crotchet/lacey tops and you will understand what I am talking about. Most of the clothes, if not all, are self manufactured and you will not be able to find them at other online stores. Customer service is great and I always get prompt replies for my e-mails. Although I really like the clothes, sometimes I do not get them because they are always sold out very fast. Blame it on my slowness! If you are looking to get a piece from them, make sure to camp beside your laptop at least 5-10 minutes in advance before the launch timing ;)

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