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Listing created by poppy on February 05, 2013    

Buttered Gun's vision is to provide fashion forward girls with a wide range of appealing accessories and clothing, as well as shoes. 


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Leading Blogshop in the Industry

The fame of Butteredgun seems to have risen with the rise of online blogshopping. In fact, the regular models of Butteredgun seem to have become familiar faces in the blogshop industry and have even become sought after by other blogshops.

The clothes are always trendy - partly because the fame and influence that they yield makes the clothes they bring in the clothes or trends of the season. While not every season appeals to me, I have to admit that the way the clothes are modelled definitely bring out the look and the style of the individual piece - some even compel me to buy them.

Having been a satisfied customer, I would have to say that the material is of a surprisingly good quality which makes the buy even more worthwhile. The service is not too bad either. I've had quite a pleasant experience with this shop that leads in the blogshopping industry now.

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Trendy - and not in a good way, either

At a first glance, the clothes sold here are similar to anything that can be found along Bugis Street or adorning every other girl in town. They sell the trendiest of items - which also means they sell the most boring and most unoriginal and uninspired pieces.

Here's an explanation on what these clothes really are like: These are clothes first seen on bloggers with a little bit of fame, bloggers who cater mostly to the teenage crowd, whose following is made up of girls between the ages of 13 to 17 who can be found at cineleisure or *SCAPE any day. Said girls then search far and wide for these clothes seen on their beloved "celebrities" and don them excitedly. These clothes spread like the epidemic. Examples include the paddle pop coloured apparel and the "GEEK" shirts.

The prices are affordable, but the quality of the apparel leaves much to be desired. I suggest you save your money and look elsewhere for prettier clothes of higher quality.

If you are above the age of 15, don't buy. If you remotely consider yourself or would like to consider yourself stylish, don't buy. If you have any respect for individuality, don't buy.

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Trendy and Cheap w Weekly Updates!

ButteredGun is your hip and girly outlet, placed at noticeably more affordable prices as compared to other blogshops. Their collections are launched weekly with pieces that follow current trends (paddlepop, knit sweaters, etc). They even have a special 'Thrift by BG' line that boasts of apparels and shoes at a mere $19.50 and below!

They respond really fast to requests and enquiries, and are definitely responsible, giving you your rightful refunds if they find a defect in your product, and this is before they even mail it out to you. So rest assured that your money and trust is placed in good hands. :)

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teeny bopper style

Buttered Gun is a trendy blogshops that I feel would only appeal to the young teens around 13-16 years of age. As a 20+ year old female, nothing on their site appealed to me when I browsed. The clothes sold here are always found at other blogshops, sometimes at a lower price! So obviously I wouldn't buy it from them even if I found something that I like. From the pictures, the clothes do not look that great in quality? It's like thin, badly sewn and all. They obviously got their stocks from Bangkok, like the reviewer below me has mentioned. They sell it at such a marked up price and even Bugis Street can be seen selling the same thing at a lower price. Why buy from them?

Their shop uses a Livejournal domain and it is SO LAGGY. At this time and age, I feel that blogshops should really "upgrade" to a domain for the sake of the customer's convenience. When Livejournal is laggy and the commenting system is so bugged and slow, I wouldn't even bother. The pictures take super long to load as well. For someone without patience, I would just click the red 'x' at the top right of the page. I wouldn't recommend this online store because for $28 you can get clothes with a more sophisticated design and higher quality from other stores like The Tinsel Rack and Her Velvet Vase.

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Nothing special.

My friends used to be crazy about Buttered Gun, and for a while, I was too. Buttered Gun, known for bringing in trendy apparel, used to be quite a popular blogshop, but it has lost its appeal for me.

I used to like Buttered Gun because it was always selling the newest, most popular clothes among blogshops. However, I quickly got tired of it because these can easily be found at other blogshops, or even Bugis Street, which would have the exact same design at a lower price. Practically everyone on the street was wearing the same thing, so Buttered Gun really didn’t seem attractive to me anymore.

Also, I realised that blogshops like Buttered Gun bring in their stock from Bangkok, and the cost price is much, much lower. I don’t think it’s worth it to buy clothes from blogshops at around $28, when the same thing costs just $8 in Bangkok. It’s simply overpriced, and I don’t think I’ll be purchasing anything from Buttered Gun in the near future.

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More for young teens

Buttered Gun is a cute store providing girls with yet another avenue for trendy apparel. In my opinion, their clothes seem to be more suited for young teenagers (eek, I’m really not that old) but I do enjoy window-shopping at the site now and then.

Good news for Buttered Gun lovers — you get to look and try on their clothes in real life! They apparently have rack spaces at both Far East Plaza and Orchard Central, so do pop by if you love their clothes. Do join their mailing list for they seem to have plenty of freebies and promotions released through it!

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