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Listing created by poppy on February 05, 2013    

SKINNED offers a wide range of the clothing and accessories online. It is the ideal choice for fashion forward girls. 


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Trendy, not fad-ish!

I've been following Shop Skinned's weekly updates for close to two years running, and I say this with utmost assurance - Shop Skinned is exactly the way that all other blogshops ought to be: trendy, yet not fad-ish.

I adore Shop Skinned for their extensive range of outerwear. Think printed blazers, bomber jackets, and even oversized cardigans (my personal favourites) - in all the latest shades and patterns! I remember a period of time when burgundy was everyone's favourite colour, and every other blogshop was bringing in burgundy coloured cardigans and pullovers. And Shop Skinned? They brought in amazing burgundy leather jackets. Talk about overtaking the competition.

Their prices are also of an affordable range. Despite their amazing range of unique outerwear, Shop Skinned keeps their prices real. Most items (including outerwear) are below the $30 margin, but some premium items can cost as much as $34.90.

My only gripe with them is that they charge a transaction fee for their paypal orders, even though most blogshops in Singapore have taken to absorbing those charges. While I do suppose most shoppers in Singapore use i-banking for their payment, I've always found paypal the easiest mode of payment (and I'm a little too lazy to bother applying for i-banking), and it's a real bummer to realise that your $28.90 cardigan might actually go a little above $30 upon adding in the mailing fee AND the 3.4% (or so) paypal charges.

I adore Shop Skinned. I really do. But I'd definitely love them more if they'd absorb my terrible paypal charges.

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