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Listing created by poppy on February 05, 2013    
Eating Zombie's aim is to bring in quirky apparels with a tinge of simplicity. EZ offers looks from Miss Demure to Chic Rock Fanatic.  


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mass market apparels

I have purchased apparels from Eating Zombie twice and both times, I was disappointed at the quality of the apparels - one being a blazer, the other a dress. The quality left a lot to be desired and the clothes just did not look similar as the pictures online. It was not how I expected it to be and for that reason, I do not purchase anything from their web store anymore. Eating Zombie brings in clothes that many other blog shops do. What you can find here is not anything terribly unique and are usually trends that would die soon, for example the fake collar trend, sheer tops and whatnot. If you are a trend follower, I would think that this blogshop is suitable for you, only if you don't mind having the same top, dress and skirt as another girl because the chance of that happening is really high!

Anyway, back to the quality of the clothes. As they are not manufactured by them, the quality control probably wasn't stringent as well. The cutting was not right and the material felt itchy when worn. The proportion of the dress I bought wasn't flattering at all. It looked okay on the model so it's probably just my body shape and size. But the lack of good quality and itchy material was something that could have been checked and avoided. Their prices are akin to most blogshops, ranging from $20-$30 and some "premium pieces" over $30. Won't buy clothes from Eating Zombie anymore but I do know of people who really like their stuff so do check it out for yourself :)

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