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Listing created by eatprayWRITE on December 22, 2012    

Provides shippings from countless overseas stores in US,UK and Asia with reasonable shipping prices since they order in bulks. Includes online shops like: TOMS, Coastal Scents, MAC, River Island, Pull & Bear etc.



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Spree site

Originally known as Smoochiezz sprees, Oooii is a spree site that collates local orders in Singapore and orders items from foreign websites like Pull and Bear, Victoria's Secret and Taobao on behalf of their shoppers such that the shipping cost is split and locals are able to buy from wholesale websites.

There are certain wholesale websites like Zipia that require their customers to hit a minimum sum (usually about 300 USD) before they are allowed to purchase anything. As such, it can be inconvenient for some shoppers to purchase items from such stores, as it would be hefty to purchase such large amounts of goods from the websites on their own. This is where Oouii comes in to save the day - by collating several orders on a spree, Oouii ensures that shoppers need not spend too much on their own to be able to purchase items from such websites.

Also, Oouii offers shoppers cheaper shipping alternatives by engaging in such sprees, as it allows various shoppers to split the shipping cost between them such that they need not pay such high shipping fees individually.

Oouii provides spree services for several famed international webstores. Websites like Victoria's Secret or Forever 21 that have high shipping fees to Singapore no longer deter customers from purchase, as the shipping fee can be split through Oouii.

Oouii is one of the most popular spree websites in Singapore, and it is no wonder that they have become so famous, as their service is really impeccable. An amazing spree site that local online shopping addicts ought to look out for!

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Wide range of products!

I first found out about this online shop from a friend of mine. They provide shipping from country like UK, US, Australia and Asia too! What this site does is, it accumulates all the people who’re ordering from an online store, after the targeted amount is hit, they’ll order your items for you. The shipping rates are slightly cheaper from buying the shop itself and some online shops in UK or US don’t ship straight to Singapore or the shipping fees are really high!

It is really of convenience being able to shop for clothes that are not available in Singapore and shops like Forever 21 has the latest season clothes. I have shopped here a couple of times and the service is great to me, although it does take awhile for items to reach (probably a month or so) since they have a target to hit before they order items for you.

I highly recommend people who love online shopping like myself to check this shop out! Its rather safe too since you can transfer the amount to their POSB account instead of using credit cards which sometimes can be a fraud or unsafe especially for online shopping. When the items arrive, you are also given a choice to retrieve the item at their place in Jurong or send it through post. And if you have any queries whatsoever, placed a wrong order, you can always email them, they’d usually get back to you on the day itself! Really good service and pleasant people!
Will definitely be using this website for a long time!

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