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Listing created by aikiash on December 12, 2012    

Cassiel's Treasures is an online blogshop specializing in imported children clothes at fantastic bargains.

Cassiel's Treasures was set up by a couple who, while travelling, found that they could get cheaper, better clothing and other items for their daughter. Their friends would joke that they would return with "treasure chests" of great bargains. Inspired by their friends' requests for items, Cassiel's Treasures was born..

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(Updated: January 21, 2013)

Value for Money

The dress I bought for my toddler is only $15, its chiffon material! I met him at a flea market at Queensway Shopping Centre. Honest looking vendor offering selection from Thailand, States and Indonesia.

I would be paying $35 or more for the same type of materials in department stores so I would say value for money. Their blog shop only list their collection from Thailand while the entire collection was at the flea market.

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