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Listing created by Damien on August 06, 2012    

A fresh take on the "groupon market", reebonz offers luxuxry items from brands such as Chanel, Prada and Coach at discounted prices in the form of limited time period sale events, only available to members. You have to join (for free) their site to see the offers and this site is a shopping haven for many Singaporean fashionistas.


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High quality service

I am sure anyone who loves their brands and shopping would definitely know or have heard about Reebonz. They are a website that sells branded items at a cheaper rate than retail prices. Some pieces cannot be find at retail stores and some are limited edition. The prices here are cheaper by a few hundred and when there's a sale, you can be looking at as much as a $1000 dollar saving!!!! I really enjoy browsing Reebonz as their website is very classy looking, easy to navigate and have different sale events up every now and then.

Not long ago, I purchased a wallet from them and it arrived within 2 days. It was wrapped up with a ribbon and the item was boxed and all. It was really an unveiling of my "surprise" although I bought it myself lol!! You know what's the best and sweetest thing about Reebonz? They sent me a Starbucks gift card to thank me for my purchase. If that is not good service I don't know what it is! If you are looking to get a branded bag or item, I highly recommend you to check this website out. They are highly reputable. Besides first hand items, they also sell second hand bags and they would state the conditions for these honestly. Great service, honest, cheaper than retail price, what's not to love? :)

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Awesome discounts for branded goods!

Reebonz is a pretty well-known webstore in Singapore, and it’s synonymous with branded goods, at huge discounts. I’ve never really been a brand-conscious person, so I never paid much attention to Reebonz. However, now that I’m hunting for a wallet as a birthday present for a friend, Reebonz is proving to be a huge help.

The discounts on Reebonz are amazing, and can really help you save quite a bit. I love that this webstore carries products from so many brands, making shopping a breeze. As of now, I haven’t found the perfect wallet, because a lot of them are sold out, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that something good will come up!

For those of you who like unique things, Reebonz’s sister website, Kwerkee, has tons of adorable and… quirky (duh) knick knacks that will surely make a wonderful gift for that crazy friend of yours. Things there are pretty pricey, but it’s fun to just browse the webstore because you never know what you’ll find!

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Luxury shopping online

Gone are the days when designer shopping was only limited to boutiques and under the condescending stares of staff. While goods are not always the latest (what do you expect from a discount site?), Reebonz does have a great collection of vintage Chanel and Hermes! It makes for great eye candy when you are tight on budget and can’t afford that IT bag. While many may not necessarily be the cheapest deals available, at least one would never have to worry about authenticity issues as Reebonz is highly reputable and trusted.

One of the best things about Reebonz is that it offers credit card installment plans — well played, Reebonz! Now girls can finally afford a slice of luxury without starving themselves silly… or not? Just don’t fall into that bottomless trap. You know, that one whereby you hand over your credit card without hesitation.

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(Updated: January 28, 2013)


I am totally addicted to clicking through the selection of desirables on Reebonz. There is something totally hypnotic about designer leather against a white background. Before you know it, you're on the phone with the friendly Reebonz voice arranging for the Alexander Wang of your dreams (ok, some of the dreams date back a couple of seasons, but still!) to be purchased on hire purchase. Such are the dangers of the internet.

Reebonz is easy to navigate, trustworthy, offers free local delivery and is prompt with postage. There is no doubt about authenticity, which is everything when it comes to purchasing brand bags.

It still pays to do your homework though. Trawl the web for a better deal before clicking your credit limit away. One time I found a Jil Sander Navy tote selling for less on the Jil Sander site itself. You never know until you search, so Google away!

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What's in the Black Box with Gold Ribbon?

Balenciaga, Chloe, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, YSL, Fendi, Coach, Givenchy ... just to name a few of the labels you can find on Reebonz. Branded bags at 20% to 70% off retail price sure sounds very very tempting.

I was initially skeptical over the authenticity of the products as they are definitely not cheap stuff that I will take a risk buying online. However, after reading about ladies who rave about this site and hearing from friends who actually bought from Reebonz, I could not resist the temptation anymore, especially when some of the items are not available in local stores. I made my first purchase, which is a Miu Miu sling bag which is not available locally, and got 5% off for making payment with Mastercard. Two days later, my doorbell rang and a classy black box with gold ribbon arrived. I have not looked back since and have bought several more bags from Reebonz, and even household items.

It is a pity they only carry vintage Chanel, Hermes and LV though ...

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Good for getting a good deal on branded items!

My mum is a big fan of branded goods like Prada, Chanel or Gucci. For her recent birthday gift, I decided to visit this site to look for a perfect birthday gift for her. What I like about this site is that it has different sales, which are constantly updated everyday. The variety of goods available here are also plenty, with brands like Miu Miu, Love Moschino and Kate Spade all available. Purchasing your goods from here is likely to help you save a lot of money, as the savings you get to enjoy are about a few hundred dollars.

I decided to get my mum a Miu Miu wallet, which costs about 500 dollars or so. This is relatively cheaper than purchasing from the main store in Singapore. However, the experience of buying online is completely different from purchasing at the store. In my opinion, there is greater enjoyment in buying personally from the store. But the wallet was provided to me in tip-top quality and my cousin who has previously used this site to buy bags has also given it rave reviews.

This is definitely the place for shoppers, who desire a good bargain and like branded goods!

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Online Outlet Store

Reebonz, pronounced Ribbons, is like an outlet shop that you access online. The way that it works is that it has fixed periods of sales where you can buy branded items at cheaper prices. You have to be a member though, so be sure to sign up at their website at (

The site sells branded apparel, bags and watches for both men and women at discounted prices. The brands that they carry are really varied and include Prada and Kate Spade as well as some lesser known independent designers. The site will send you constant email updates to keep you in the know about when the time periods will open for the different sales as well as when new items or designers are stocked on the site. Having these email updates can be a good or bad thing; if you really want to keep buying items then they are good reminders, if not the updates are quite frequent and can get annoying, just filling up your inbox.

The price differences between buying an item in the actual store and buying it online can be quite significant. There is a great mark down by buying the item from Reebonz, and rest assured that from what I've seen the items are legitimate and good quality items they are not pirated goods. However, the mark downs are not that extreme that the items become really cheap, so don't expect that, just expect a good discounted price.

Reebonz also holds sales physically sometimes other than just online, if I'm not wrong the items are even cheaper at these physical sales. The good thing about being a member and being on the mailing list is that you will have prior notice of such sales, rather than seeing an advertisement of it in the newspapers the day itself. Be sure to go down early to get the best pick of the items!

If you are an avid shopper of expensive brands, Reebonz is a great site to sign up for. if you're not it's still a good place to window shop and wait for that really big sale item!

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