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Listing created by mxnixismad on March 20, 2012    

Shanghai Dolly is the hottest mando-pop live music venue and the only cabaret-style club in town. The two-storey outlet features a 400-capacity theatre-style main hall, a lobby bar with a pool table, a cosy piano bar on the second level, and a restaurant (Dolly Kitchen) serving up local and international favourites until 4am nightly. Its stable of artists include local legend William Scorpion, Project Superstar finalist Jon Toh, Singapore Idol’s Emilee Kang, as well as artists, musicians and dancers from Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

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(Updated: December 12, 2012)

Sleazy club

Went there twice because one of my friends insisted to go there. I don't understand why he like this place. I know different people have different tastes and liking and it is not up to me to judge. But I never like the place! The crowd was made up of ah bengs, ah lians and middle-age hokkien speaking uncle with their lightly clad female friends. There were performers who sang Mandarin songs at 30 minutes interval. Seriously I prefer to listen to the DJ than listen to them. There were not much dancing at the dance floor and the vibe was just not right for a club. I just seat there thinking of finding an excuse to leave. Definitely not a place i will recommend to my friends and i'm not returning there again.

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Not my cup of tea

Shanghai Dolly is a mando-pop club in Singapore located in Clarke Quay. I was here on a couple of occasions. A 'friend' invited me for one of his MLM company events, and I tagged along, curious.

It is a classy enough place, where guys have to be at least 21 before stepping in. It is also a subsidary under the St James Holdings company, alongside places such as Movida, Dragonfly, and of course, St James (yuck!). As I am someone who prefers a more traditional nightclub, I felt a little awkward here. This was compounded by the fact that everyone here was middle-aged and spoke Mandarin almost exclusively.

Perhaps I would grow to like it more in the future, but for now, I'll stick to Avalon and Zouk.

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Great music, that's all

It was my mom's birthday when we went there. Nothing fascinating really, except for the great band. Great voice, guitarist, drummer, whoever.

Service was mediocre and drinks were just drinks. If you are looking for some great crowds whom you can dance with like you are in a club, then this is definitely not the place to go. Middle-aged uncles and aunties is who you are gonna see and if you like to dance, you can go ahead, just that you would be dancing alone. Another alternative is to bring your own good friends along for company and you might just find Shanghai Dolly fun to be at.

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No girl should ever step in here

What a place in ill taste.

I went on a Saturday with two girlfriends and it was weird. The whole place was filled with really old folks, everyone there must be at least 50? Take the average of all their ages and with that amount, you could buy a vintage wine and cab away to a much safer location to drink.

The place in general gave a very lazy vibe, then it quickly manifested into a very sleazy one. There was a live band and it was Chinese music. We tried to find a table and that was when we saw the crowd.

The crowd is no small joke. It had a strength of at least a 100 old folks just sitting here listening to music. There were many Chinese girls badly clad and we were confused as to what kind of a place this is.

We quickly moved out of the club after and headed back to Rebel. God what a strange place. After I told my friends about it, I heard rumors about it being a high class selling house and I am very glad no uncle came near me or I will beat his remaining years out of him.


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