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#01-02/03 73 Bras Basah Road Singapore 189556
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 06, 2012    

Timbre Group's newest bilingual live music concept Switch is not your typical Mandarin-pop live house and god forbid, never, never mix us up as a karaoke bar either! Like any Singaporean, we pride ourselves on our ability to switch and converse between our national language of English and our mother tongue. Some of us may have difficulties reading in our native language but we sure can swear perfectly well with it. But all of this doesn't matter because this is a live music bar by Timbre. And at any Timbre venues, you can expect good music and quality live performances on stage.

Switch is for the closeted Mandarin-pop fans who refuse to queue up for hours to meet your idols, refuse to wave your glow stick in the dark at gigs and will not give into the argument that one language-genre of music is more superior to the other. Nor does Switch want to alienate those who are more adequate trading puns in English, more adequate reading off an English menu and know that Mumford & Sons are a band, and not tailors. Step into the light. Switch is for you. PS.

Stick around enough at Switch, and our resident half-man-half-fish guitarist, Cod "The Dan" Fretboard may just materialise right in front of you. Above really translates to: Switch is the latest live music restaurant and bar by the Timbre Group, located in the arts and heritage district of Bras Basah. The 300-seater, bilingual venue sets the stage for the best up-and-coming Singaporean musicians proficient in Mandarin & English pop-rock and sees live performances nightly; from an intimate 2-piece duo to a full 6-piece band rocking out on stage on weekend nights. Not just a place for live music and drinks, Switch serves up a menu incorporating the best of what Timbre has to offer in tapas and pizzas; and teases with some crazy Asian-inspired dishes.

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Great place to chill and listen to music

Located just right beside Bras Basah MRT (CC2), Switch by Timbre is one place hard to miss. With live band performance and good food till late night, this is the place to go after a long day at work or school. You might find a queue during Friday nights as well as weekends. Otherwise, go early to avoid disappointment.

Drinks aside, I must say their dishes are better. Do not miss their Roasted Duck Pizza (S$21). It is one dish that leaves me craving for more each time. Topped with duck meat and mushrooms and a generous amount of crispy popiah skin is sprinkled on, will leave you asking for more. There are a variety of pizza options, but I always go for this. If you want to try a variety or cannot decide which to go for, Switch at Timbre offers a half & half pizza; where you get half of each flavour.

If you love mushrooms, try their Baked Portobello Mushrooms. Slightly pricey at S$16, these mushrooms are well-baked that the moisture is retained in the mushroom itself; it is juicy. Yes and how can I forget the chicken wings to go with alcohol, especially beer. The two that I often order would be Timbre Chicken Wings (S$14) and the Buffalo wings (S$15). Although I still prefer the latter, which would be wings topped with their sauce, a perfect combination. However, some of the items on their menu such as the Truffle Fries (S$10) could be better. Do ask the staff for suggestions if you are unsure of what to order.

If you are looking to order soft drinks there, don’t. A glass of alcohol during their Happy Hour promotion might just be cheaper than a glass of soft drink (S$7). Now that you know, it is time to head down with your friends for some good food and drinks!

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Great place for Chilling

As the title suggests, the bands invited to perform at this outlet are often bilingual. Although I myself don't listen to mandarin pop, I found the songs that they performed particularly enjoyable. Also, their repertoire of songs are very up to date! Most of their covers were impressive and applaudable.

I tried the duck pizza as it was highly raved about. Being a sub-station of Timbre, Switch kept to the standards and the pizza was up to expectations. I am not really a beer fan, however I particularly liked their Bulmers Original Cider, it is definitely a must try in their beer menu.

The only drawback that I may point out would be the queue, on certain days it can be very crowded. So do go there early to avoid standing in line for a long time. Also, although it is a good place to "chill out" it is rather hard to catch up there as the band will be playing most of the time and it can be hard to hear each other over the music.

Otherwise, if you're looking for a place to chill with reasonable prices, I would recommend you to try out Switch!

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(Updated: October 24, 2012)

good livebands

I went there as i had cravings for Timbre's roasted duck pizza but yet wanting to be in an air-conditioned place. The fact that they have a bilingual live music concept is even more appealing!

I went there in the evening before 8pm and the place wasn't quite filled up yet. They have this Happy Hour Promotion from 6pm - 9pm. We took up the Pizza and Erdinger Combo: 2 pints of Erdinger Weissbier with a pizza from $30++ and ordered a plate of buffalo wings.

Unfortunately it was too much food for us and we couldn't finish it although the pizza and wings were really good! The roasted duck pizza tasted heavenly as usual. It was such enjoyment as the singers sang really well, both the english and mandarin songs. However the music was loud so it's pretty hard to converse with each other.

Prices are reasonable, with such great ambiance and delicious roasted duck pizza, i'm definitely going back from time to time again! It's a bonus that it's located near to bras basah mrt station, probably less than 5mins walk away.

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roasted duck pizza
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Great for people who like both English and Chinese Songs

This is the first live music venue that I've been to that plays both English and chinese songs. I went there recently on a Thursday night when Kexin was singing and I think that she's really a talented singer!

It was packed at 8pm and was really noisy - I guess it's normal for a live music venue but since it was indoors I didn't like it that much. I am not a fan of chinese songs so when the singers started singing Mandopop songs my friend and I were like "what?"

Stayed at Switch for barely an hour and decided to leave. Overall, a great place for fans who like both English and Chinese songs but not for people on group outings or finding a substitute for Timbre @ Old School which closed down recently.

P.S: It's located near SAM.

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Refreshing atmosphere

I've always been going to Timbre when I want to chill out to some live music so I decided to check out Switch which is opened by the Timbre Group. It's different in that they have both English and Mandarin songs being played by bands/singers. Although I'm not familiar with alot of Mandarin songs, my friends enjoyed it very much as it is rare for such live music places to play Mandarin songs. As a result, this pleases my friends and I as we wont fight about having to listen to solely English music all the time!

The food is the same as Timbre's - the pizzas, finger food and drinks.
We had chicken wings, fries and Half&Half pizza ($22) where we could choose 2 pizza flavours - the best of both worlds if you cant decide! We had the Roasted Duck & Garlic Shrimp. The Roasted Duck is delicious with crispy crackers generously scattered over the hoisin sauce-d duck.
They serve a huge variety of drinks too but we werent in the mood for them.

Definitely a great place to check out if you're looking for a relaxing evening with a group of friends! It can get crowded on weekends, so do make a reservation online/thru the phone (:
Its also very convenient to get there, its right next to the Bras Basah Circle Line mrt or a short 5min walk from City Hall mrt.

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Bilingual live music
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