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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 21, 2012    

Thumbs Up was started on January 15, 2000 for students between Primary 3 and 6. There is also a junior version called Thumbs Up Junior.


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Brings back fond memories

Thumbs up really reminds me of my childhood and I’m kind of missing it now. Similar to (almost?) all Singapore kids, I was forced to buy “da mu zhi” as well, and yes I hate paying for such stuff even as a kid. I find them to be a waste of my parents’ money since we had textbooks and so many other supplementary stuffs to do anyway.

However, I actually like thumbs up compared to the other compulsory educational extras that we had to buy. I remember looking forward to receiving the papers each time and had read through almost all the little stories and activities that they have inside. I totally love its adorable mascot too! I love Chinese language since young, and I believe this is one of the reasons why I do.

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Forced to buy!

Back then, our teachers forced us to pay for a weekly subscription to this newspaper. Whenever I received it, it would just be a flip to the back for the comics and then burying it deep in my bag.
I can't count the number of copies I did not read, but I can tell you with certainty the number of times I won their tiny weekly contests: 2. I had to mail in my entry, and if you won, the next week you had your name printed there. I don't remember if there was any other prize, but it made me very proud indeed.

Looking back, I'm sure the paper wasn't as bad as I thought. I remember they ran interesting stories that I was unable to read because my Chinese was horrible. I still have their chinese-english dictionary, and still consult it sometimes!

Not sure if it was just my teacher, but she never taught us Chinese from this paper. We were only asked to read it if we had a substitute teacher or there was some free time!

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More than a newspaper

I really hated this educational newspaper with a passion, when I was back in secondary school. Teachers would force everyone to purchase weekly copies of this newspaper so that we would improve our chinese as none of us really read many chinese books outside of the textbooks. My chinese was not the most fantastic back in those days and with my short term memory, I really was struggling with remembering all the characters of the tedious chinese words.

Frequent at times, I would pretend that I read the newspaper by asking my friends to tell me the content so that I can recite it as though I have read it. However, out of no where, emerged some interactive corner activities on the newspaper that we had to do on a weekly basis. When I really got down to reading it, I thought the articles were quite interesting and the chinese words used were not very difficult to understand.

Today, when I look back at my childish days, I would really wish that I had read more of that newspaper because it was good for me, and perhaps my chinese would be better than what it is today!

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Surprising good source of knowledge

My children's primary school made it compulsory for the students to subscribe to this newspaper. Initially, I was still complaining to my wife why must the school force us to subscribe to any newspaper and most likely the children would not read the newspaper.

Later I understood from my daughter that the teacher actually used the newspaper to teach Chinese in the class. The topics in this newspaper must be more interesting than their text books so it was a good choice by the teachers.

Another good thing about this newspaper was that it provided some general knowledge to the children. The other day my wife and I were explaining something to my youngest child and suddenly my second boy interrupted and said he knew. Then he told us he learnt that from Xiao Mu Zhi.

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They should sell it everywhere!

Thumbs Up brings me back all the way to Primary school where chinese teachers use this as a resource to teach us chinese. I love all the little comic strips where the mascot does silly things with its friends! They make me chuckle so much.

The newspaper is also informative and a simple read, which is beneficial for me because Chinese is not my forte. Now that I no longer read this newspaper, because it seems to be only available when schools order them. I find my interest in the Chinese Language plummeting. This should be sold everywhere!

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Da Mu Zhi!

This newspaper brings about memories, the negative variant being the more dominating. I remember that back in primary school, the newspaper was used as one of the last resorts by my chinese teacher to get an uncooperative class to gain interest in learning the Chinese Language.

The paper does have its merits, even acknowledged by someone who isn't a big fan of chinese like me. For starters, the illustrations were well-drawn and were appealing to the 9 year old kid I was then. It greatly helped in sustaining my interest when I tried to read finish the paper. Moreover, the quirky little stories and stories of other kids (my peers) assisted me in picking up a wee bit more interest in Chinese as they are interesting and the main thing was I was not forced to enjoy them (unlike studying Chinese)

However, the effects were short-lived. Soon after the subscriptions stopped, I refused to study chinese again.

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thumbs up for "Thumbs Up"!

Thumbs Up started off as one of the spam newsletters from school. My Chinese teacher regularly gives us homework based on the newsletter so I don't discard them immediately.

I first started taking notice of it was when my friend's composition was published on it, which I thought was quite a feat. Briefly flipping through the other pages I started to take interest in reading the Chinese comics and soon enough it was trending in my class!

Later on, when my Chinese standards were dropping to a dangerous level due to lack of usage, I wanted to do something about it. But that being said, I still don't like Chinese enough to do assessment books or attend new tuition classes. I found the newsletter stuffed at a corner of my room and i thought since my parents paid for it might as well put it to good use, and i sure did. The publications included a wide variety of fictional stories, model compositions and news articles. The harder words were highlighted and the hanyupinyin as well as the meaning both in Chinese and English was written. That formed a pretty strong foundation of a English-dominated child i was which i am very thankful for even until today.

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comics, educational, bilingual explaning of meaning
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Thumbs Up is the newspaper of my childhood. I wasn't a big fan of reading papers, not that I am now, but Thumbs Up definitely sparked any dormant capacity within me for Chinese with its interesting graphics and convinced me to actually read it in-depth.

Thumbs Up is certainly a great read for kids in primary school. I suppose that's the period which shapes a child's likes and dislikes, and Thumbs Up is a very suitable read for such children as its interesting graphics and comprehensiveness will definitely aid in sparking interest within children for the subject Chinese, which certainly requires a considerable amount of interest as the subject only gets tougher and more boring later on.

Thumbs Up also encourages children to show off any latent talents within them. The newspaper holds contests in which primary school children are allowed to mail in entries of their personal artworks and poems, which definitely further aids in the developing of their interests at an early stage.

I adored this paper in the past, and I have absolutely no doubts that if anyone passed me a copy right here and now, I'd devour every single picture and every article in it.

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(Updated: January 03, 2013)

Cutet mascot ever!

This totally relived my primary school days when our school where it was compulsory to order this newspaper. It was a pretty cute newspaper with its mascot parading the pages and the cartoons splashed across the papers. It was a pretty easy newspaper to read, which did catch our young mind's attention.

I must say they are rather successful for even being able to make people like me who don't touch the newspapers if i could to actually take it and read it! i actually miss it quite alot now, to be honest.

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