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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 21, 2012    

zbCOMMA is a paper targeted at secondary students and features on social issues and youth topics,news personalities,sports scenes and juvenile court cases that provide an enriching reading experience for students.

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Gets repetitive after awhile

When I was in secondary school, it was mandatory for us to sit at the assembly plaza every Wednesday morning for reading sessions with these weekly newspapers we subscribe to. I enjoyed these reading sessions (apart from the fact that the floor is uncomfortably hard) - but only for awhile.

Let's put things in perspective - having to read the same issues from the same publisher for four entire years - things gets a little repetitive after awhile. Same insights on the same thorny societal issues voiced out by the same writers really creates a desire for more refreshing content. Most of the time, I felt like the newspaper content was to serve as another form of moral education on top of it being a way to train up our language skills.

I am however, in praise of the platform these type of newspapers provide, for students to write in and express themselves. Beyond training their writing abilities, it makes them feel heard and valued. However, I would love to see more controversial issues debated in these teenage/youth newspapers as they are definitely more thought-provoking.

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Good Effort

zbComma is a Chinese newspaper primarily targeted towards students in an effort to make them better appreciate and also help improve their grasp of the language. Although I appreciate the effort made in the planning of all the content and activities found within the paper, I personally did not enjoy it very much still. I'm not very good with Chinese and extremely uncomfortable with the language so enjoyment of the paper was limited and it came to the point where I wouldn't even bother looking through the paper because there were always so many characters that I couldn't read and understand!

However, I think zbComma will be extremely useful for students who have a medium to high command of Chinese because from perusing through, I can tell that there are indeed interesting news and activities in the paper. It will serve to further pique interest in the much-hated language and encourage reading of Chinese in daily life. Overall a great newspaper for students which is interesting and informative, but simply not for those who are already weak in the language.

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Made me enjoy Chinese!

This year, the school made it compulsory for all higher Chinese students to subscribe to the Chinese newspapers once a week. Every Wednesday, we would get our thick stack of newspapers - Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao and other newspapers. However, I would always flip to the centre of the stack immediately, where zbCOMMA (逗号) is always folded.

Out of all the newspapers, I find zbCOMMA the most interesting. Of course, this could be because it is targeted at people in my age group. The main article in zbCOMMA is usually something related to students our age, which makes the article relevant and relatable for us to read. Besides the lack of mundane article, zbCOMMA goes a step further to include cute comics and an art page for our enjoyment. However, it's never just all play and no work - zbCOMMA also includes 填空 (Cloze passage) and 理解问答 (Comprehension) practices in the newspaper to prepare us for our O level examination.

Despite me not quite being a fan of the Chinese language, I actually looked forward to receiving my zbCOMMA paper every Wednesday due to its entertainment value. zbCOMMA made me even start to enjoy the Chinese language. It's a great paper! It's a pity I don't really see it being sold in petrol stations where the other Chinese newspapers are usually sold.

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