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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 21, 2012    

This light-hearted evening newspaper provides the latest on a wide range of local and international topics.

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Ma Pew Poh

There was a time when we were not so well connected that we depended on the special edition of this newspaper on Saturday and Sunday evenings to get the latest results for 4D. I remembered during those times, there would even be young boys shouting "Ma Pew Poh" in the evenings and selling the newspaper from blocks to blocks or in hawker centres.

Now, the appeal of this newspaper comes from its juicy news. This is not the mainstream newspaper so people do not expect it to report news but people read it for newsworthy stories. If there is something happening and you cannot get enough from the official news, you can count on this newspaper to provide the gossips or words from the streets.

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Read only the morning version.

My impression of chinese newspapers came from my parents which is that they are full of trashy news and celebrity gossip. I'm still not too sure if it is true, but i still have a feeling that they are a wee bit right. They often blow up small news and make it sound so much more serious than it actually is as compared to the english newspapers.

At the most i would read would be the morning newspaper and not the evening ones. They are not only expensive, but are just splashed with gossip news i loathe and untrue facts about celebs. An utter waste of time in my opinion.

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