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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 21, 2012    

Lianhe Wanbao was established on March 16, 1983 to provide the latest news, with special emphasis on human interest stories and community happenings.

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Juicy (tabloid) news

If you're more concerned about international and pragmatic news report, perhaps Lianhe Wanbao is not the best Chinese newspaper for you. (You can try Lianhe Zaobao)

Lianhe Wanbao is a parallel to "The New Paper", except it is something of like a Chinese version of the infamous tabloid newspaper. It mostly touches on the latest happenings in the local community, and tend to be more trivial in nature compared to other newspaper reports. It relies on catchy (and unnecessarily enlarged) headlines to attract readers' attention, with its front page bombarded with several juicy gossips.

While Lianhe Wanbao (and likewise The New Paper) may be criticized for the triviality in the news reported and the frequent unnecessary exaggerations placed in the headlines, it is only fair to credit the newspaper for its ability to entertain and relief stress, especially for readers who are interested in such tabloid news. After all, it is undeniable that it does specialize well in tabloid news - providing an extensive range of tabloids from within the local heartlands to affairs of the international celebrities.

For the groups of audience seeking for trivial entertainment, you're definitely in for a read. For those who prefer to involve themselves in matters of (what is socially deemed as) importance, perhaps you would like to switch to other newspapers.

Enjoy your read, everybody!

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Not here and not there

If you compare the two Chinese evening newspaper, this must be the less interesting one. This newspaper do not have that much juicy news as the other evening newspaper. And news wise, it does not have as much formal news as its morning counterparts. So this newspaper is something like a in between, not here and not there.

I think the reason why some people still buy this paper is because the newspaper will sometimes have coupons for readers to redeem prizes or offer good discounts to buy certain products.

The newspaper also serve its purpose when there was some late breaking news in the afternoon. You can get a preview of the news in this evening newspaper and get the full content the next morning from the morning newspaper.

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