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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 21, 2012    

Lianhe Zaobao is the flagship Chinese daily in Singapore, established since March 16, 1983.

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More local new compared to English Papers

My grandmother, being Chinese speaking, only reads and subscribes to Lianhe Zaobao. Although I only subscribe to the English newspapers, when I go over to my grandmother's house, I do take an interest in the Chinese news sometimes.

The difference that I've noticed about the Chinese newspapers is that the news that they report seem to be more local based news compared to the English newspapers. There is less scope and more gossip involved. However, I never fail to laugh at some of the gossipy articles about Singaporean Citizens. For instance, I remember an article reporting about a lady who went to the tailor to get her clothes altered - the clothes that she wanted altered were the clothes that she was wearing, and she stripped down into her bra and underwear to pass the clothes to the tailor.

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my Chinese newspaper from young

My house subscribes to both Chinese and English newspapers, and Lianhe Zaobao is of course, one of them. Even though I prefer reading the news in English, my parents would ask me to read certain articles in Lianhe Zaobao to improve my command of Chinese. Also, Lianhe Zaobao has informative articles which are well written, and I used to cut them out to keep for future references. Somehow, I find that the journalists at Lianhe Zaobao seem to get their news information quicker as compared to those at The Straits Times, which enables us to read the news at a really fast speed, and this is extremely efficient.

Now, as I no longer attend mother tongue lessons, Lianhe Zaobao is my go-to for ensuring that I never lose command of my Chinese language. It is a good read indeed.

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Used to read when I was still schooling

My family subscribed to Zao Bao because my parents were Chinese educated. I read the papers when I was still schooling because my teachers told me that reading Chinese newspaper was the best way to improve my Chinese.

I was glad I listened to my teachers because I got the best grade for my 'O' level during the mid year examination so I was able to stop attending Chinese lessons for half a year. And for my 'A' level, I got a sufficient good grade during the first year so I did not need to take Chinese lessons during my JC second year.

I mainly read the entertainment news because the other topics were not so interesting to me when I was still a child. But even that, it was sufficient for me to get good grades for my Chinese so I think it is good advice just to read some Chinese articles daily regardless of the topics of the articles.

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