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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 21, 2012    

The Business times was launched on 1st October 1976 and provides a complete guide on the local, regional and international business scene.


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Invaluable Insight and Perception

While this set of information is sold separately from the subscription of The Straits Times, The Business Times provides valuable insight into a lot of things relating to business. Although I do not subscirbe to the newspaper on a regular basis, I do purchase a copy of the Business Times here and there and there never fails to be articles which give balanced and lucid points about certain topics which help me to expand my perception and vision of the world. However, that being said, many are discouraged to subscribe to the Business Times because of the title of the newspaper - do not be deceived by the name of the newspapers. As long as one takes an interest in the happenings around you, this newspaper isnt too hard to read and understand.

I would recommend it for more mature teens.

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(Updated: November 18, 2012)

Informative financial trends

I am one who loves reading about financial news, so The Business Times is like a god-sent to me.

Imagine the Money section in The Straits Times magnified by fifty times. That's what BT is. Every developed country has their version of a stock market. Some are more popular (Chicago/New York/Hong Kong), while others aren't as reputable. BT has a correspondent in most of these countries, so news will be delivered quickly. Be it the latest IPO, a new startup, or the next Mark Zuckerberg, you can read about it here.

I personally find the Monday edition of the paper the most fascinating of all. There is a section targeted at youths, giving advice on how to start investing, creating a budget to save money, and many other helpful tips relevant to young people.

This is quite possibly my favourite newspaper of all.

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