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The Straits Times is an English-language daily newspaper based in Singapore and its highest-selling paper. It currently has a daily circulation of nearly 366 000 and provides comprehensive coverage in many different fields of interest.

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Singapore’s largest news agency

The Straits Times is Singapore’s largest news agency ever since it was established in 1845. Its papers are in printed in colour and covers a diverse range of issues happening in our country. For instance, it provides readers information with general knowledge - current affairs, business affairs and other more niche areas such as providing a Pets Column.

The Straits Times also launched a mobile app and this convenient way of accessing the news has helped it amass an even larger readership. In fact, I hear from my friends and seniors that working at the Singapore Press Holdings/ Straits Times is extremely stressful! Articles have to be churned out everyday and their journalists work around the clock.
However, it being a government controlled press, I feel that news reported on the Straits Times may sometimes be skewed to be politically correct. Perhaps some hard facts which are unfavourable to the government are not reported in the papers.

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(Updated: January 05, 2015)

Instant Snippets of information

I actually downloaded the mobile app for Straits Time for the very practical sake of filling up my information tank for my General Paper examinations.

What I like about the mobile app is that it provide snippets and bite-sized information instantaneously - digestible news containing crucial information in rather digestible chunks. However, for those with phones having smaller screens, the relatively small fonts might be hard to see. To constantly be pressed with the need to enlarge then zoom out on your phone screen can be a hassle. (So it's actually more convenient to read it on tablets)

But these snippets of information also work as a cliffhanger. Sometimes, I find the information provided on these snippets of information rather insufficient to satisfy my desire to know more. Besides, I'm more of a paper person - like the comparison between E books and paper books, I'd choose paper books immediately.

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A good read!

Owned by the Singapore Press Holdings, The Straits Times is the main news provider to us Singporeans. It never fails to publish the daily news everyday for people to read to enrich and enlighten themselves of what is happening on the other side of the globe or in the other parts of Singapore.

Printed in bot h black and white and coloured print, i find the news that the publish more reliable than that of other newspapers. They are more serious, in a sense that they publish less gossip news, but more informative information to readers.

There is a reason why it has been around for years, since 1845.

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Always, always Straits Times.

Is the schoolteacher's recommendation.

Want to improve your English? Straits Times. Want to improve your writing skills? Straits Times. Want to improve your General Knowledge? Straits Times. Damnit, just read Straits Times already!

I've always been an avid reader, and I'd read anything and everything within reach. Books, magazines, the back of shampoo bottles... You get the idea. Even though most my age consider The Straits Times mind-numbingly boring, I, however, find it engaging.

I particularly enjoy the section where readers write in to share their views. It proves that even in Singapore, where the inhabitants are supposed to be restrained and inhibited, we are not afraid to speak out and share our views. The citizens of Singapore are outspoken and opinionated, and will stand up for their own views. The people writing in are witty and their articles are always a fun read.

There's something for everyone in the paper, and that makes it interesting and relatable to for every Singapore citizen.

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My teacher

The straits times 

The straits times has been around ever since I was able to read. Since a young age, my mother would always encourage the reading of newspapers to be one of the mandatory things I did daily. Even when I told her it was boring and uninteresting, she told mento just suck it up and read the headlines. In time, I guess a chore like that turned into a habit, then into something I have to do daily without fail cause I wanted to, not that I had to. 

The straits times has always been very organised and updated when it comes to the news. It probably saved me from embarrassment a million times in my life. There will always be that situation when you have a gathering with your friends and everyone goes on and on about the happenings around the world. And you're kinda just stumped. Having a copy of the straits times would come in very handy in a situation like that. 

The straits times has also helped me with finding my job, as well as other small every stuff like movie timings. I really wouldn't know what would my life have become if my mom never had a subscription to the straits times.

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Something for everyone

The Straits Times has always been my go-to-guide for a student hoping to improve my English and widen my knowledge of current affairs.
I particularly enjoy the comics in Life section, the most fun one being one Sunday with a 3 page spread dedicated to comics alone.

The best part is that I think it provides a variety of articles designed to cater to different demographics each with their own interests and needs. IT geeks can look at Digital Life to compare the latest gadgets. The health conscious can look at Mind Your Body for more information on how to take care of themselves and lead a better lifestyle. Budding fashionistas such as myself eagerly await the weekly’s copy of Urban for all their fashion fix and the latest trends. Suffice to say, there is something for everyone.

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I 'd only read this on Saturdays and Wednesdays...

Like what the title says, I only read Straits Times on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Saturdays edition is extra thick plus you get a bumper Life section together with the Recruit section and Wednesdays specifically for the Digital Life supplement.

The newspaper has a very long history, going back to 19th century colonial times. The level of journalism is definitely way better than The New Paper. The editorials and correspondents' articles make a good reading, though you can't help but feel that the publication is also the government's mouthpiece.

So, the moral of the story is, I analyse what I read and I am not quick to believe what I see. Take everything with a pinch of salt.

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This newspaper is definitely worth a read - less than $1 for a thick stack of newspaper that encompasses articles from home to worldwide. The Life! Section is my favourite as it focuses on entertainment news and other interesting topics like k-pop, the arts, local talents and so on.

I like the fact that The Straits Times features no-nonsense articles (unlike gossip newspapers like lianhe wanbao) and really focuses on issues that impact us and the world, like natural disasters, politics, crimes and other social issues. It really helps a lot in broadening my perspectives and widening my knowledge about the present world. Students in junior colleges should really consider this newspaper as a daily supplement to strengthen your GP!

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You'd know of it even if you don't read newspapers

Every Singaporean should/must know what The Straits Times is. A pretty diverse newspaper, which is split into various sections and talks about current affairs to the economy and even to celebrity gossip (all of which are more or less legitimate, which is great), young and old can read through and be sure to find at least one thing of interest to them.

Buying The Straits Times is not cheap at all, but for someone who detests looking at newspapers because I cannot stand the sight of a lengthy passage of tiny words, I can always turn to the internet to update myself on the latest news via Straits Times still, because they operate their news articles online as well, even through Twitter or their own app for people on mobile!

I personally love reading the Life! section because it has my typical interests inside, and in secondary school, we were expected to read the In! section within Life! all the time, so it kind of grew on me.

If I had to choose a newspaper to read, it'd always be The Straits Times!

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Life!, In!
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Flagship publication

The Straits Times is Singapore's number one daily newspaper with plenty of history behind it. There are many news platforms in today's day and age, but this is one print publication that has endured the test of time.

Although media constraints in Singapore are extremely high, and freedom of the press is one of the least in the world, I feel that reporters writing for The Straits Times do the best they can without incurring the wrath of the higher-ups. Often criticised by the more liberal-minded in our nation, I feel that that is unwarranted, as we don't know the real pains journalists go through. This is made worst when you have that title of being the 'official' paper, allowing you less room to experiment.

A good national newspaper, if a tad biased.

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