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TODAY is distributed free-of-charge Monday to Saturday island wide, and has two editions - the Morning edition and an Afternoon edition.


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Some good things in this world come free

For a while now, because I struggle to get out of bed early, my only newspaper reading time is on the train on the way to work or school. But I am relieved that despite my hectic morning everyday, I can still keep myself abreast with the happenings locally and around the world because of Today newspaper. Distributed at the entrance to most train stations, it is usually easy for me to get a copy of the paper.

I must commend Today for its great work in compressing a good chuck of daily news into a handy tabloid style paper. The content is also up to date, well written and easy to read. But the best part really is that it costs absolutely nothing to get a copy.

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Can't really complain

Yes, it does have WAY too many advertisements (about 50% or above are ads) but hey, it's free so who's complaining? After all, when you think about it rationally, the only reason they can afford to give this newspaper for free to anyone is because of the numerous advertisements that take up entire pages. The TODAY newspaper is given out freely on the streets to anyone who wants them, and the people giving them away are usually strategically placed outside MRT stations or bus interchanges. Thus, TODAY's main audience are commuters, or more specifically, the working class and students who commute in the early morning. During this period, it is not unusual to see people on the MRT or bus reading TODAY. After all, it helps to kill time while catching up on the news, and who turns it down when it's free?

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Why say no when it's free?

First thing : It's free.
Second : It's small, light and durable. '
Third: Can be read during train rides.

Why not? For those busy working expats, this would be a good read to spend the time on the trains rather than wasting that 30 to 60 minutes of precious air time. Many of them are often too busy to read the news online or in the printed edition, so this newspaper would be a good choice to just get a brief idea on what is happening in singapore.

The newspaper also features offers and discounts at different retail stores which i realise that other newspapers have less off, so it'll be good on the go and it can probably decide your next dining destination.

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Your prime reading material- available at mrt stations, bus interchanges and some say batam

The auntie distributing newspapers at the bus interchange in my neighbourhood is a sight that most patrons have grown accustomed to. Indeed, what struck a tourist when he came to Singapore, was the fact that newspapers are given out for free, and they're proper, well written print editions.
Personally, I feel that the standards that the editors are delivering at Today are on par or even surpass some mainstream newspapers. The articles are well written, and the comment and analysis section, featuring prominent guest writers, offers in depth and excellent articles on the local, regional and international scale.
Moreover, the paper is compact and easy to transport around. The main problem I had with mainstream newspapers was that I had to be mindful of how I carry it. One wrong move and a gust of wind can blow away some pages, making me scurry about retrieving them.

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(Updated: December 11, 2012)

Its Free!!

Singaporeans love free things. Good free things are especially popular. TODAY newspaper is freely available and I will always find distributors standing at MRT Station entrances.

Its great to catch up on news while in the train. It often is the only time we busy Singaporeans have to do so. Of course, it usually is too crowded in trains to read a paper, but that is a review for another time.

The news in TODAY are up to date, reasonably accurate, and to the point. It avoids the tabloid style of the Newpaper. Having said that, there are some days where there are not much news articles in the paper. Instead, it is filled with advertisements!! But, it is free..

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I have no idea how to put this across in a way that wouldn't make me sound like a total cheapo, but I love TODAY because it's free.

For a free newspaper, TODAY certainly is amazing. Although it does not provide the depth and the scope that The Straits Times offers, its content definitely surpasses that of The New Paper. Bear in mind that for a free newspaper to do so well to the extent that it surpasses a paper that people pay 80cents for, TODAY is certainly worth the grab.

TODAY offers concise information, so it's great for those eager for the latest news but without sufficient time to spare to pore over two page long articles. TODAY sums up the main points in a clear, short article, so readers are satisfied with the information they obtain, and manage to save time reading the articles as well.

A pretty good paper that I wouldn't mind paying for.

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Good read for students like me!

As a junior college students taking the General Paper subject, reading newspapers and keeping up with the latest news worldwide is a must. I barely had time to pour through top newspapers like The New York Times or The Herald Tribune because I was far too busy with my schoolwork. However, TODAY newspaper was like my best companion on the train.

On my half an hour journey to school everyday, I could easily gather the latest happenings worldwide easily. Moreover, the articles found in TODAY are written in a highly sophisticated manner, which is an added bonus for GP students like me who need to learn how to imitate the styles of good writers. Every saturday, there is also a special pullout from the New York Times paper, featuring key opinion articles. This pullout was especially useful to me as the opinion pieces were written by the best writers in New York and across the world. I loved reading TODAY, and would definitely recommend it to all junior college students as well!

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Great for people on the move and students!

I love TODAY newspaper for its ability to provide me with concise and accurate information without boring readers unlike The Straits Times which tend to be rather lengthy at times. The small size also makes it reader friendly especially for readers on the move. It is also neatly stapled together so you don't have to worry about falling pages or struggle to arrange the messy pages in order.
TODAY had helped students such as myself to know about the current affairs in Singapore and apply the knowledge into academic subjects such as General Paper. My classmates and I will always grab a copy of the paper on our way to school every morning as the distribution points are usually conveniently located near MRT stations.
However, the content coverage may differ greatly from day to day. There are some days whereby the paper is filled with more advertisements rather than actual news.
Still, what's there to complain about a free paper? We should learn to appreciate what is given to us!

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Hurrah for TODAY!

TODAY may have a tabloid format but it is most certainly packed with current news, lifestyle articles, editorials and forum letters, all nicely compact compared to the much larger and thicker broadsheet newspaper that is the Straits Times. I much prefer TODAY for its portability, conciseness and comprehensiveness.

TODAY's editorials and forum are thought-provoking and touches on buzzed-about topics that are circulating in Singapore, showing that this newspaper certainly has its finger on Singapore's pulse. Of course, TODAY is bound by the same constraints that normal mainstream media has in terms of objectivity, but it is the best tabloid newspaper around that reports on actual important things rather than sensationalism of issues.

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(Updated: November 27, 2012)

if you must get the printed edition, prepare tissues and a polyethylene bag.

As a true Singaporean, I'd never turn down a freebie. Especially not when that freebie is a well-curated amalgamation of the latest in local, regional and worldwide happenings. Touted as the first free newspaper in SG, advertisements about events and promotions are aplenty and readily splashes across the page --making for both an enjoyable and rewarding read.

Though there's still room for improvement in terms of reporting consistency, fidelity of accurate news, forum regulation and circulation (paid home delivery) issues, I personally would rather have TODAY over mypaper anyday. Riding on the smartphome and tablet obsession that's sweeping the globe, TODAY has also made their paper available in a Digital version - no more ink tainted fingers ruining your clohes and bags!

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