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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 19, 2012    

Kah Motors is the exclusive distributor of Honda vehicles.


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Monday to Saturday - 9am to 7pm Sunday - 10am to 7pm


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Great salespeople who put you at ease

Everyone knows how pushy car salesmen can be. But when I walked into Kah Motors I was attended by an experienced salesman who immediately put me at ease. He came across as more of an advisor rather than a salesman. His answered all my questions confidently and even gave me information I had not even thought about. Every detail about the car I was interested in was explained to me. He was very patient as he took me through the financial calculations as well.

After a considerable amount of time spent serving me, he was not impatient or frustrated when I decided to consider before buying the car.

I would definitely recommend Kah Motors to anyone interested in purchasing a Honda car. Look for Simon if you are there. His service was truly the best I have experienced.

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Good service, good cars

When I was shopping for my car, Honda Jazz / Fit (depending on authorized dealers or parallel imports) was one of the cars in my consideration list.

Found a weekend then to travel to Ubi where all the car showrooms are and took a peak into the Honda showroom first. A lady sales staff attended to my family and me, explaining the features of the car as well as the plus points (perhaps she conveniently omitted the bad points). She took her time to clear our queries, calculate the monthly payments for us, without showing signs of wanting to close the deal fast. I like that service attitude for hard selling usually scares me off.

After all the theory and calculations, she then arranged a test-drive for me. The car was definitely a great drive. Despite being smaller in engine size, the acceleration was never lacking for me while the weight of the car offers a stable ride even at cruising speed. I also liked how the leather can be matched with the car exterior colors (was planning for a red exterior with a black/red two-toned leather).

Back to the sales staff after the test-drive, while liking the car a lot, I still find it a hefty price to pay for a 1.4 Litres car (the price can easily get me a 1.6 Litres from other brand). Even though I requested to consider first and indicate that I still wish to try out other cars on my consideration list first, the sales staff were professional and didn't try to force the sales, or at least, appearing to be so.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Kah Motors should the finances permit.

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Sales not trying too hard to close the deal
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