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Hay Dairies is a small goat farm, with about 800 goats of mixed breed, producing milk for sale. The farm uses the latest milking, pasteurising, homogenising and bottling machines to produce very fresh goat's milk, which it sells directly to customers.

Hay Dairies serves a niche market in Singapore, providing an alternative to those who are allergic to cow's milk. The farm also welcome visits and excursions.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
9am - 4pm
Weekend Opening Hours:
9am - 4pm
Entrance Fees:
Free. Closed on the 29th September 2012.
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  • Free
  • < $10
  • $10-$20
  • $20-$30


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Visit in the morning

I visited Hay Dairies in May 2015, and it was an interesting experience. If you’re planning a visit to Hay Dairies, it’s definitely easier if you have your own vehicle. If not, you can take a shuttle bus from Kranji MRT Station, which will cost you $3. It’s best to have exact change on hand, in order to save time and not hold up the queue on the bus. Yes, I know this from personal experience.

When you arrive at Hay Dairies, the first thing that will hit you is the smell. If you’ve ever been to the hippopotamus enclosure at the zoo, the goats smell similar. It’s not pleasant, but after a while you get used to it.

The best time to visit the farm is in the morning, from 9am to about 11am, as that’s when they milk the goats and you get to watch the entire milking process. If you arrive later, all you’ll get to see are the goats in their enclosures. Visitors used to be able to feed the goats, but due to AVA regulations, that’s no longer an option. You can also buy goat’s milk from the farm- a 200ml bottle costs $2.50, and they also have chocolate milk available! Goat’s milk tastes more watery than cow’s milk, but it definitely doesn’t have the “gamey” taste people think it does.

Hay Dairies is definitely interesting to visit, but I don’t think its worth going all the way down to Lim Chu Kang just for the farm. I would recommend visiting the other farms in the area (such as Bollywood Veggies) while you’re at it, to make full use of your time there.

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The smell enough to put you off

To get to Hay Dairies, you will have to take bus 975 from Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange. It will take approximately 45 minutes of travel time or more, depending on the speed of your bus. Therefore, the easier way out would be to go in with a car. Another option would be to hop on the Kranji Express Service, a shuttle bus that allows you to do farm-hopping. Board the bus at Kranji MRT (NS7) and nine stops down, you will arrive at Hay Dairies. Prices start from S$3 for adults.

I remember previously we were allowed to feed the goats, but due to AVA regulations and hygiene purposes, they do not advice contact with the goats. Therefore, another alternative for visitors would be to view them from a distance. You can view the milking process from 9 – 11 A.M. available daily except Tuesdays as the farm will not be open.

After visiting the farm, you can head to the front desk and get yourself some goat milk. I bought the 200ml bottle (S$2.50). The milk comes in two flavours, the original and the chocolate. It is also available in 800ml (S$8). For each purchase of five 200ml bottles, you will receive a styrofoam cooler box. I found the goat milk slightly creamier than cow milk, be sure to shake before drinking.

I did not like the taste of the goat’s milk, unsure if it is the smell from the surrounding that affected my overall judgement. Yes, the smell from the goats was overpowering, so much so that I wanted to leave the place the moment I finished touring Hay Dairies. One trip there would be educational and to some extent interesting, however, it is not worth it unless someone is driving or it is part of your farm-hopping itinerary.

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Yay! I fed the goat!

I feel that the amount of stuff you can do in the countryside is immense, and one of which is indeed visiting the famed goat farm!

I made a few visits over the years, in part because of my fascination in seeing animals up close and in the interactions you can have with them. Personally, I really enjoyed the experience with feeding the goats. Hay diaries offers hay for sale in which customers can buy to experience feeding the goats. This is an extremely smart move of the business in that not only do you earn money by upkeeping your goats (feeding them), you also save on manpower to feed them. In fact, a group of kids were fighting over one bundle of hay while I was there, proffering their money to the cashier. For me, the experience was just short of fascinating, I was so engrossed in feeling the munching via the hay that I didn't notice the goat's mouth had reached my hand and was about to take a bite off it.

The main item on sale though would be the reputable goat's milk. The milk comes in plain or chocolate flavours. A large bottle (800ml) costs $8 while a small bottle (200ml) costs $2.50. Delivery options are also available as well at an additional $1 charge. Personally, I feel that trying out goat's milk is an experience not to be missed. The bitterly sweet aftertaste, small and slighlty curdled feel of the milk was one in which I would never forget.

Worth a visit! The smell is quite strong though!

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(Updated: July 18, 2013)

Educational trip for the family

This place is great for the family and perfect for family bonding. Instead of bring the family out to Orchard Road as with every week, consider this farm for a change. The children are bound to find the trip educational and fun, especially since many of us are city kids who are not be familiar with farms.

My favourite part: The Goat Milk. I might be the odd one out but I actually prefer goat milk to cow milk and purchasing the milk directly from the farm gives me the assurance that it is freshly prepared. Do note that the place is secluded and may be difficult to reach by public transport.

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I'm sorry goats, but you stink big time!

I had to bring a group of children on a visit and didn't had much of a choice as we needed some close up pictures of goats and Hays was probably the best place to go near goats. We eventually got our pictures on a run, hold-your-breath, stand-as-near-to-goat-enclosure, snap picture, run-back and breathe mode.

I know it would stink but never did I expect the smell to be so so horribly bad. Writing this, I can almost recall the overpowering, overly offensive smell. I'm sorry goats, but you really stink. They have goat feeding time and we caught a glimpse of it before running out to breathe. There is a little booth selling fresh goat milk and as tempting as it looks, we couldn't bring ourselves to taste it as even the kids were going sick from the smell of the goats. No, I'll never visit again even if my nose is super blocked. I'll probably go to the zoo if I really need to see goats the next time.

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Fan to drive the flies or mosquito away

The first thing I remembered about this place is the smell. It was such a strong smell that once you got out of your car, you would already have smelt it. The car park must still be at least 50 metres away from where the goats are kept.

The second memorable thing about my visit was seeing some very old fans turning above the goats. The fan did not have blades but had something that looked like a mosquito swap. From what I guessed, the purpose of the device was to drive away the flies or mosquito from the goats. You should also come prepared with some insect repellants because the fan was not installed outside of where they kept the goats.

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Take a break from city life!

Hay Dairies is a good place for you to temporarily escape from your stressful city life in Singapore. Though located in a rather obscure area, it is still worth a trip because there are many other farms (like fish farm, dog farm etc) nearby as well, allowing you to visit all of them in a single trip.

Fresh goat milk is sold in Hay Dairies as well. However fresh it may be, I'm not accustomed to the new taste of the milk as I'm used to drinking cow's milk. It may be a good experience to try it anyway, since we don't usually see goat milk being sold elsewhere.

I'm quite disappointed that we're no longer allowed to touch or feed the goats due to hygiene reasons, as it used to be the fun part of the trip. I'm not sure if its allowed now, since i went there 2 years ago.

The stench from the goat enclosure irks me as well, but after all they cant help it either.

Other than the stench and the lack of interaction with the goats, i think trip was a rather rewarding experience nevertheless.

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Smelly but interesting!

I went there on a weekday so there were not many visitors. The place is pretty secluded and you must keep a watch out for the bus stop to alight at. However, it is alright if you did miss the stop like I did because the bus will make a U-turn at the end of the road.

Though the farm houses many goats, it is pretty small. There is nothing much that visitors can do at the farm as they do not allow you to touch the goats. You may feed the goats but it is pretty expensive to me. So my friend and I only walked one round the farm to take a look at the goats. The smell got really unbearable when you walk further into the farm.

What was interesting about the trip is the milking session. If you really want to get something out of the trip you might want to plan your time such that you are able to watch the milking session. Timings are available on the net. Try the goat's milk too! It's a unique experience for me because i really like cow's milk but the goat's milk tastes a little funny.

It's an interesting trip though we did not really spend a lot of time there. It is worth the effort to travel all the way there if you are curious about goats and stuff like that. But if you dislike dirty places and the thought of travelling there to look at a couple of goats for 45min and then travelling all the way back to urbanization, you might want to reconsider making this trip.

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