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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

The colorful red paintwork first established itself by transforming the former traffic police headquarters into a design museum with lifestyle organisations and hip food and beverage outlets. It has recently a found a new home along Marina Boulevard.

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Eye-opening, worth the money

I visited this place early this year. I went in on a whim, since the place looked rather quaint, being an old colonial-ish building. I thought it would be good for photography. It's definitely a place you'll want to visit if you're looking to be inspired. I took a series of photographs there and I continue to look at them for fresh ideas.

The atmosphere is restful and contemplative, and the staff is polite and friendly. Perhaps the only complaint I have is that the gift shop is a little pricey, though that's probably because the gifts are more for tourists than locals. However, I will definitely be back for a new dose of inspiration!

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Maxwell Road
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Soaking in the creative air

With its gaudy red exterior and striking bold words, the Red Dot Traffic is certainly a difficult one to miss whenever I pass through town.

My first venture into the Red Dot Museum was on a secondary school trip. The wide array of modern and unconventional product, engineering and industrial designs on display lent the place a fresh, modern vibe and sparked off my desire to embark on some creative projects too. There were some interactive displays in the museum, but they did not quite leave as lasting an impression on me as the innovativeness of the designs on display. The only little grouse I have about the place is its limited space, which sometimes made the exhibits seem a bit cluttered and overwhelming.

Another highlight of the place that I am often fond of mentioning is the museum gift shop, which features some award winning innovative designs, and the monthly Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD), an arts flea market bringing together creative local talents. Though products on sale at the gift shop and MAAD tend to be priced a little more steeply due to their originality, the experience of walking through the shop and market, observing the exquisitely unique and sometimes bizzare works, and just soaking in the vibrant, innovative air is definitely a refreshing experience that would leave one inspired.

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Little shop of big ideas

When I visited this striking red building last year, the museum was closed for renovation. I was disappointed, but since I'm already there, I browsed its shop instead. If the little shop is a prelude to what the museum have to offer, I'm bought. Totally.

Having worked in a rapid-prototyping company, I knew about Red Dot. In fact, my company sought to liaise with the organization to manufacture the awarded designs themselves. Sadly, the deal fell through, so I'm denied the opportunity to see these innovative products being created first-hand.

The things on sale in the museum shop ranges from the things we use everyday to things we don't even know we need. Everything is designed to be aesthetically pleasing yet creatively functional. The chopsticks, for example, utilizes the simple physics of levering so we can save that tiny bit of finger strength while picking up a morsel of food.

Unfortunately, most of the items here are expensive. But if you're looking to find a novel gift for someone, this shop is a treasure trove of great ideas!

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for local designers

I really really really love the Red Dot Museum. As a Design and Technology student, I have been there more than just a couple of times, both on my own and with the school, and I have always been awe struck by their exhibitions.

Although admission is not free ( charge of four dollars is uniform throughout all age groups, except eight dollars applies for adults ), there have special events which may have free admission, as well free admission during MAAD (an event which takes place from 5pm to 12 midnight on a Friday night, once every month). Check their website out for events every month and for possible free admission!

Basically, this museum is a platform for aspiring local designers. They have stalls every weekend, and most of them sell handicraft, which are very professionally made! These artists are usually not very well known, thus Red Dot Museum is a platform for them to perhaps expand their business and let people know about them! Basically, it is a flea market which is full of expensive handicrafts.

In addition, they have permanent displays too! They have a display right smacked in the center of the hall, using Tupperware containers! I was literally gaping at the creativity of the designer. They also have electronic displays to showcase winners of their design awards from all over Asia, as well as unique ordinary items that we see everyday (imagine seeing gold plated crockery!).

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Red Dot: An eye Opener

I passed by this building, located right opposite the URA Building in Maxwell, and certainly posing a direct opposition to the business buildings nearby. The concept was what really intrigued me. They show the most innovative designs all over the world, and you can even purchase some of it to bring back home with you. All kinds of technological wonder were on show. One thing that fascinated me endlessly was the moss pencil, which won in the category of emotional content, as it fused two unlikely elements together. I spoke to one of the staff at hand, and they were kind enough to explain at length about the designs and it was certainly an eye opener

They change the designs every year, as new entries and winners of this years’ competition will take the place of last year. I believe that the human soul needs to see such beautiful creative sights to inspire them to greater heights. This museum didn’t curate the past, it curated the future.

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the designs
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