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central fire Station 62 Hill Street Singapore 179367
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Listing created by ryeohyunelf on December 03, 2012    

It is currently the oldest fire station in Singapore that is located in the Central Business District area. It also houses the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery conducted by the Singapore Civil Defence Force. The gallery showcases antique fire engines and other firefighting equipment.

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Welcome to the Zoo

Every Singaporean male knows what I'm talking about. I love and hate national service all at the same time. While I'll never want to go back in again, I must admit that I now enjoy a certain level of bragging rights. Even more so because I served as a fire fighter during my two year stint. No, I wasn't posted to Central Fire Station, but I did make the trip down every now and again.

There, resides a small museum and gift shop that opens itself to the public every Saturday. Then, fire fighters show off their water cannons (don't think dirty) to the public. My first visit to the station was when I was a freshly shaven recruit - I felt like an animal visiting the zoo. I must admit though, that I did enjoy it. It was very informative, but most importantly, it gave me peace of mind that all the fire fighters were normal animals, like myself, trapped in a zoo, waiting to be released back into the wild.

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Parent volunteer

When my son's child care wanted to plan a trip to this museum and asked for parent volunteer, my son urged me to volunteer. Being a good father, I would not say no to such a simple request.

On the day of their excursion, I followed the bus and arrived at the fire station. As the child care centre had already informed the station that we would be visiting so there was already a guide waiting for us. That day, the excursion was for K2 students so it was generally easier to control because they could understand instructions better but whether they chose to follow was another matter.

We brought the children into the museum and they were not so interested in the photos and static displays. Children were more hands-on so they only started to enjoy the tour when they were able to touch and "play" with equipment. It was a fun trip.

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Fiery Fun

I was with the Singapore Civil Defence Force during my National Service. Therefore, this museum held more interest for me than others. In fact, one of my squadmates was transferred here to upkeep the place. I heard that besides menial duties like polishing the fire engine displays, the encik here is also quite generous in giving the NSFs leave days off.. but that's nothing to do with this review.

I visited the museum one afternoon after parking up at Fort Canning Park. Upon entering, I had to change a pass for the duration of my whole visit. I quickly realised that a class of ITE students were also just starting out a tour in front of me. As with any school outings, they were talking and laughing, generally making noise that is taboo in a museum. However, when the chatter became louder and louder, their guide, an old encik in uniform, promptly gave them a sharp reprimanding which quieted everyone down immediately.

I followed the tour for awhile before overtaking them and proceeding to the second level. There were alot of fire and rescue equipment on display here. Best of all, some of them were operational! Even though I was from SCDF, I never got to handle equipment like the heat sensor or watermist gun.

In a nutshell, this museum was worth checking out. There are multimedia as well as interactive displays that won't disappoint the visitor, whether local or foreign.

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Monument to our fire fighters

I remember my first visit here. My brothers and I frequented the Funan IT Mall just opposite it and one day saw some signage advertising a special openhouse. We went over and were awed not just by the displays in the museum which charted the Singapore Civil Defense Force's history but also by the numerous firefighting equipment on display. Better yet, we were allowed to try some of them. We were allowed to ride on the specially designed vehicle, the Rhino, and checked out the interior of the fire engines. The best part was being allowed to put out a simulated fire with fire hoses!

The visit left a deep impression on us. Not just the excitement of trying out the equipment, but also an appreciation of the tough training, dedication, and courage of our fire fighters.

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A flame that continues burning

I vaguely remember that it was a primary school field trip that brought me to this friendly old building on Hill Street, and up till now I still have fond memories of that visit.

Stepping through the huge gates of the Fire Station, under a red brick arch linking two of the buildings together, one could almost imagine being transported back to a time where you expect to see firefighters dressed in the old-fashioned regalia of black/dark blue shiny helmets and uniforms with huge brass buttons tugging a long hose.

Otherwise, the fire station is the home to an ever-vigilant force, ready to defend Singapore from the destructive entity known as fire. And I have to put my hat down in respect of the servicemen and in admiration of the long, rich heritage that the Singapore Civil Defence Force has, epitomised by this building, resplendent in its own right

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