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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 30, 2012    

Memories at Old Ford Factory (Memories) is a World War II exhibition gallery located at the refurbished Ford Motor Factory building.

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12.00pm to 5.30pm
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An important place that all should visit at least once

My knowledge on Singaporean history is admittedly not the best. Before I moved I knew next to nothing, so visiting places such as the Old Ford Factory really helps bring to life the history of Singapore. Being in the place where the British handed over Singapore to the Japanese and then witnessing what happened afterwards made me feel a sense of shame, yet the museum had a resonating sense of grit and determination, and I instead left proud of the nation that I now call home.

We were greeted very excitedly on arrival and were first taken to a room (entrance was also free) with the other visitors to watch a movie, summarising what the museum is all about and the background to what happened here and why. I was shocked as to why we were never taught about this in school when studying WW2, in fact I was confused as to why we were barely taught at all about the war in the Pacific. As you travel around the museum there are a large collection of personal belongings which I really enjoyed, and it all added a more personal touch to the video that we had watched.

The whole experience was made better by being in the actual spot that the British surrendered, I wish I had known that this was here sooner so that I could have come and learnt about this part of history earlier. A really sweet, small museum, documenting an incredibly important part of Singaporean history and definitely worth going to.

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(Updated: October 22, 2013)

How'd you like another social studies lesson?

This place was enlightening.

Came here on a whim and because me and my friend had some time to kill before my next appointment. We were greeted by a very happy security who looked like he hasn't seen visitors in a while and two old staff who were very eager to show us tapes of the war.

The exhibits show the side of the Japanese occupation that our social studies textbooks neglected to tell us, about how we overcame the war emotionally.

The most heartwarming exhibits I saw were handwritten notes and coloring of girls that the soldiers and civilians gave each other to have faith and keep spirits high even in thee gray times and it made me more thankful for this peace Singapore has enjoyed since.

There was a interesting part about Cold Storage. Because war was approaching, soldiers barged into Cold Storage and smashed all the alcohol supply. My friend and I were wondering why they'd do that.

I said, "maybe because they didn't want drunk people on the street."

And he said, "haiyo Nicole, they probably didn't want people to make home-made bombs with it. It would've been dangerous to have armed civilians on the streets."

And I realized that was the biggest difference between me, a civilian, and a soldier.

Or maybe I'm just a bimbo ah well.

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Free entry/ parking for Singaporeans
Bukit Timah
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Beautiful WWII museum

Now, this is one museum with quality exhibits. Memories of Old Ford Factory is logically ordered and nicely structured, making it easy to follow. Being inside the building where a humiliating defeat in British military history admittedly adds to the flavour of the museum. You can even see the very room where General Percival signed the surrender document, though you can’t enter it.

The museum is a small one, you can finish covering the museum in an afternoon. Though you would literally walk through it if you are not the least bit interested in Singapore military history. Also, the exhibits seem to remain roughly the same over time, so multiple visits are probably unneeded. That said, Memories of Old comprehensively covers Singapore’s military history beautifully. Personally, I loved it.

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first time's the charm

This place literally brings back old memories for me. About four or five years back, I visited the exhibition gallery on a secondary school excursion.

We can't all be history buffs, so at first glance Memories might not appear appealing at all. I'm more of a geographer myself, yet I do distinctly recall a sense of wonderment as we navigated the displays, that "oh, wow" feeling - you're born, and you think that this generation is all there is to life, but then you learn there are all these things that have happened way before your time, that are so much bigger than you.

Especially for younger ones (preteens and early teens, maybe), it's kind of amazing.

In the end though, I suppose it really depends on what you're looking for. There are so many museums in Singapore, after all! I'd recommend this if you're specifically interested in WWII Singapore, if you have little knowledge of the era and want to expand it, or just want to learn something new. It delivers what it promises, certainly, but nothing more.

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This place, hidden along upper bukit timah road exudes old, rustic charm. Never would one know that insides are monuments and exhibits of the times during the Japanese World War II until they stepped in. As old as this place looks, the insides are pretty captivating.

The exhibits are very useful and helpful for the younger generation to understand what happened decades ago, such as how I gained a lot from my trip there. The people there were very nice too, helping and guiding us when we needed help.

One thing though, was that no photography was allowed there, so don't bother bringing your camera.

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