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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on February 09, 2014    

An inspirational comedy suited for the family, the story revolves around an autistic village lad, Ah Huat who is inept in expressing himself but blessed with an intrinsic gift in heart as well as in his hands. Ah Huat lives by the motto of staying true to himself and goes through a rite of passage in order to achieve success and find his happiness. He is a typical down-to-earth Malaysian Chinese in search of an honest living through hard work and kind nature. 


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Hilarious and touching

You never thought Ah Huat could make his mark in the world, but he actually did. For someone who is portrayed as never being able to even do the most basic things properly, Ah Huat was never expected to succeed, and in the early stages of the movie was seen to be avoided by all villagers and scorned for loving an ugly fishmonger's daughter, who also had aspirations of becoming a nurse.

I found the movie really touching as the morale of it is that your dreams can actually be achieved, no matter how fraught with difficulty your current circumstances are and how many obstacles stand in your way. My takeaway would be that with an open heart (which allows Ah Huat to feel the moods of his customers and tailor the coffee to their tastes) and a love for everything (He was happy just for having his grandad, Xiao Ping and even extended a hand for an abandoned puppy), all will be well in the end.

Infused with good doses of comedy at every plot and twist of the story, I've never failed to laugh every five minutes. In fact, it is an even more enjoyable experience when you laugh together with family and friends.

Certainly a movie that gives you hope when you deal with the difficulties of daily life. It certainly helped me to forget all my worries and anxieties for a magical few hours!

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