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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on November 19, 2013    

A local movie about truck driver falls in love with a white-collar career woman. Directed by Jack Neo starring Adrian Pang and Sharon Au.


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Light-hearted and Heart-warming

This movie distinctively reflects the typical traits of many of the other masterpieces of Director Neo - hilarious(definitely) and light-hearted yet serious at the same time.

The story plot and profile of the protagonist touches on a very relevant issue in a modern society like Singapore - unmarried single ladies in their 30s. This (exceptionally) prickly issue, when approached via a fun way as that of a comedy film is a clever way to probe our society into questioning the validity of our (harsh) judgements against these slightly unconventional women.

In addition, it also subtly warns us of another danger in which society's expectations and personal loneliness sets up for us: falling in love with the wrong person. When the protagonist lost her wealth assets to the man she thought was the right one, it reflected to me how one's loneliness and the incessant pressure to be wedded would influence one's moral judgement, making it wholly inaccurate. It taught me to use a rational mind to make the correct decisions even when it comes to the people closest to us, not one blinded by love.

Last but not least, it has conveyed an important message to the audience: sometimes, those who truly matter to us are right by our side; perhaps we might be trying too hard to look for 'The Right One'. The right one never comes in all their glorious perfections - they unknowingly enter our mundane existences and it is up to us to accept their human imperfections and love them.

Great acting skills by thespians Adrian Pang and the beloved Sharon Au that are crucial in bringing the movie to life. Definitely worth a watch!

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Great for a laugh!

Every Singaporean has a local comedy they hold close to their heart, and I Do I Do is mine. Featuring favourite local comedians and seemingly typical plot elements, it might be easy to write it off as the run-of-the mill slapstick comedy we all grew up watching. Yet interestingly enough, I Do I Do proved to have just the right touch of old-school comedy and social commentary, featuring delightful tongue-in-cheek humour while lending a local touch to the classic Waiting for Mr. Right problem that continues to plague many of us today.

Lead actors Sharon Au and Adrian Pang's endearing portrayal of their characters make it easy to both laugh and cry with them, while the supporting cast certainly earned a few laughs on their own with their trademark antics. However, I didn't really understand the random insertion of musical numbers at certain points in the film. They grew on me though, and I found humming some of the catchier numbers well after the film ended.

With its crude humour and eclectic mix of language weaved into the dialogue, I Do I Do certainly isn't the most critically acclaimed of movies. Yet, taken with a pinch of salt, it promises to be just the antidote if you're in need of a good laugh.

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