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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 03, 2013    

It's title says it all. This movie highlights how there's imperfection amongst every single being. It is a local production. Steve Chang was the director for this local movie. Veteran actor, Li Nanxing, plays a key role here. Local heart throbs that are rapidly raising up the rungs of fame, Ian Fang and Edwin Goh, are also featured in this movie.


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Of delinquency and melodrama at its best

Imperfect definitely isn't your run-of-the-mill local film of heart-warming scenes and happy endings. No, Imperfect is unconventional and violent; of the cold unforgivings of teenage mistakes, of death and loss, and terribly sad endings that might possibly leave you weeping as it did to me.

Imperfect offers an insider's look into the harsh world of Singapore's secret societies, and for this very reason, it was rated NC16, for there will be blood - a lot of blood. While I suspect the producers may have played up the brutality of secret societies in Singapore just a little in the film, the young actors proved exceedingly capable of making such brutality convincing. I'm not usually the biggest fan of Edwin Goh, but his acting was amazing in Imperfect, and he was entirely believable as the good-hearted delinquent that lands into trouble due to his brash teenage judgements. Veterans like Li Nan Xing and Liu Kai Chi also lend a mature foreboding to the movie.

This film definitely isn't for the weak at heart, with its numerous bloody fight scenes, and even mentions at torture. But behind Imperfect's violent premises, lies emotional themes of fatherhood and redemption.

The plot may be a little too predictable, but nonetheless, Imperfect is an amazing watch.

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Imperfection is indeed an eye-opener for me. Singapore being highly media sensored, avoids violence in its local productions. This movie, on the other hand, gives the audience a glimpse of the underground society scene is like in Singapore, what was originally a taboo topic in the media.

The filming, audio, visual effects were excellent (I suspect they were outsourced to overseas companies) and even though the actors' acting skills were adequate, it was a touching movie for me, mainly because of the high relevance it has to me as a local. Having watched many Hong Kong action dramas with gangs as one of its common themes, sometimes I do wonder how would a similar concept in local context be like, and this was it!

It was a terrible ending. Because I hate sad endings.The main actors died a tragic death and I figured it was an obvious warning to all youths or those tempted to join gangs what they're getting themselves into, death. For once I thought that propaganda was used in a meaningful way because this is a serious issue which many parents are helpless in controlling the situation and media is an effective way of reaching out to the youth.

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