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Directed by Kelvin Sng and produced by Chan Pui Yin, Taxi! Taxi! is based on Cai Mingjie's Diary of a Taxi Driver: True Stories From Singapore's Most Educated Cabdriver. The movie is centred around Chua See Kiat, whose PhD in microbiology is rendered pretty much useless when he gets retrenched and he eventually turns to cabdriving to earn money. He strikes up an unlikely friendship with veteran cabdriver Ah Tau and together they embark on a journey of self-discovery.


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As much as I adore local films, I couldn't quite bring myself to enjoy Taxi Taxi. I'd expected much of this film - I mean, they have a stellar cast consisting of Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee, and one of the most adorable child actors of all time - but somehow it turned out to be dreadfully mediocre and not engaging in the very least.

Despite having a stellar cast, the acting was unexpectedly boring and lacking in lustre. I'd expected more humour from the likes of Mark Lee and Gurmit Singh (both who'd previously starred in amazing local comedies) but the acting was but merely monotonous and mediocre. Sure, there were some funny moments, but the comedic scenes felt a little forced - as if the producers were trying to add in some comedy into the film just for the sake of it.

The movie's only saving grace comes in the form of the adorable child actor, Chua Jin Sen. Despite it being his film debut, he managed to act convincingly - in fact, more so than experienced actors like Gurmit Singh, and he had so much energy in him that made him all the more endearing. If only he could've shared his energy with the rest of the cast, then perhaps Taxi Taxi wouldn't be so much of a disappointment.

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Touching film that reminds me not to take anything for granted

Taxi Taxi! is a pretty interesting film to me. Although not produced by Jack Neo, it similarly tends to focus on the typical occupations in Singapore that usually went unnoticed. But at the same time, it is quite refreshing to me.

The storyline seems pretty cliché, thus I was shocked that it is (partially?) based on true diaries account. Guess life is really like a stage. It is really a hilarious show, and I especially love the little boy “ki chiu!” (raise hands) pose. He’s one of my favourites among the cast! Again, Mark Lee played the typical Ah Beng’s (slightly toned down) role, which is still funny and kind of heart-warming to me.

It is really touching at some point of the film, where it reminded us about how our father (and mother) worked so hard for us. And sometimes, we as kids tend to take all that for granted. It also shows how great is the unity of taxi drivers (and friendship) still exists in today’s seemingly “selfish” society.

Though not a great international film (and I think that wasn’t the intent), it certainly adds to the collection of great Singapore films. And as we continue to develop, I think it would be a great educational tool for us and our future generations – not to take anything for granted.

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(Updated: February 10, 2013)

cab me in stitches for all the wrong reasons

My friend and I caught this one in the cinema. Terrible choice. Sure, we laughed, but we were laughing at the acting rather than at funny scenes in the movie - this meant we were desperately trying to keep our giggles under control during the most "emotional", "touching" or "sad" scenes and were pretty much stonefaced during the "funny" bits.

I was a bit surprised by Gurmit Singh's acting, in particular. I haven't seen him since PCK, but I had this vague idea that he was quite good, so it was disappointing that I found him the worst of the cast. Which is saying quite a lot, considering how much I enjoyed the acting in general. I also thought it was stupid to make his character speak in English throughout the movie when practically everyone replied him in Chinese, even his wife! Surely there must've been a better way of proving that he was "of a higher status", if that's what it was all about.

Considering it was Chua Jin Sen's movie debut, he was pretty good, but the lacklustre acting by the rest of the main cast kind of overshadowed this. Chua En Lai, as well, did not disappoint. The scenes these two actors had were the only parts in the movie that I probably reacted the way I was supposed to.

In short, not worth it, unless you'd watch it just for the laudable acting and the very few passable scenes. I really wouldn't.

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(Updated: February 10, 2013)

Yet another movie that us locals can relate to

Local movies always strike a chord in my heart. They are easily relatable and reflect many aspects of the society that we are currently living in. Taxi taxi is no exception; it depicts how the life of a high achiever fell apart after losing his job and changing his career path to becoming a taxi driver.

The most endearing part about this movie is definitely the little boy with his broken English and cute antics. As usual, there are clever and subtle digs at the government and many hokkien references that are bound to put a smile on a Singaporean’s face. Overall, I give this movie a 4/5.

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